AppBlast is dedicated to make it easy & fun to discover new apps.

Instead of listing apps only by their (boring) categories, and having you scroll endlessly through those categories, we also offer alternative & engaging formats that mirror real-life usage.

As an example, we have our "Similar" section, there you'll find alternatives for apps. Imagine the app you're using on a daily basis removes a feature that is super-important for you, or the developer stops maintaining it or a million other things that happen on a daily basis... Our similar apps lists come to the rescue, we've already compiled alternatives for many apps so that you can simply scroll through the list and decide which ones you'd like to give a shot!

We also have a format called "App Buckets". It's really what it sounds like, a virtual bucket full of apps! That makes it easy to create customized buckets based on topics and then include only apps in these buckets that are helpful for this specific topic. This can mean multiple apps that complement each other in a great way, for example, to solve home office problems for small business owners. It could also be several travel apps that make it a breeze to enjoy your next vacation from the planning stages to the actual trip.


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You're of course also welcome to contact us at any time If you have suggestions, ideas or (god forbid) even complaints!