Q: Can I get Support for apps here?

Answer: Sorry, that's not possible. AppBlast is a review platform and we're simply reviewing apps from other companies & developers. We don't have any official partnership with those companies developers, so we're not legally allowed to give you support. Aside from the legal perspective, you will also be able to receive much better support from the company who developed an app than from a "random" website on the internet.

Q: Can You Write About My Bad Experiences With App Companies?

Answer: That's a no, sorry. We aim to be impartial, there are other platforms, much better suited for consumer complaints. AppBlast is a review platform that does just one thing, which is reviewing apps and how well (or not) we think these apps do what they are promising.

Q: Do You Accept Money To Give Better Ratings To An App?

Answer: Nope, we do not accept money for improving paid reviews. AppBlast is, and always will be a source of impartial reviews. At AppBlast, we simply report about apps as per our experience when testing the app in question. You can pay us to write about your app, but we will still write about it from our perspective.