Age of Magic

A war is waging in the era of the dragons

Age of Magic

My first role playing game on a computer was a text based adventure. You had a few sprites that were like really basic images, which showed you what happened. The rest was just written text. As much as I liked those classic vintage games, it wasn't immersive at all. Nowadays even games for your phone can bring you into another world with their detailed graphics and advanced gameplay. Is Age of Magic one of those games?

Age of Magic is a stunning turn-based roleplaying game for the mobile gaming community that's bringing PC quality graphics and strategic battle sequences to the small screen.

I knew that I had to download Age of Magic when I noticed the level of craftsmanship that clearly went into creating the game. Age of Magic is filled to the brim with dozens of fantasy characters that you can level up and train to defeat various enemies on the battlefield.

There is so much depth and playability to Age Of Magic; you get a hearty game full of exciting quests and characters without having to spend a dime! If you've been looking for an exciting game to play on your mobile device, then stick around to hear about some of the things I enjoyed in Age of Magic.

PC Quality Graphics

If you had shown me a video of the gameplay in Age of Magic, I would have assumed you were showing me a Youtube video of a PC game. The graphics are absolutely incredible and leave many of the competing titles in the role-playing genre in the dust.

Not many mobile developers can nail the spell effects or battle sounds that you find in Age of Magic, so it's refreshing to see something that I would expect to pay to play on PC available to me for free on my phone.

PVP & Weekly Tournaments

There are so many different elements to Age of Magic, but two of my favorites have to be playing through the weekly tournaments and inviting my friends to a PVP match.

PVP matches not only give you the opportunity to play the game with your family and friends, but it also opens up the opportunity to meet new players and expand your gaming social circle. If you do meet a few new friends, you can always choose to assemble a clan and join forces to defeat your common enemies!

The weekly tournaments are a group of challenges and battles that pin players against one another for a battle to the top of the leaderboards! If you are the lucky one that earns the most points, you will be able to cash out on a massively beneficial prize.

Needs To Be Balanced

Although the game is stunning and has intricately thought out battle sequences, Age of Magic does not come without its flaws. When I began playing the game I noticed that the first several levels seemed to breeze by rather quickly. However, once you reach a certain point in the game, around level 35, you seem to run into a brick wall when it comes to leveling your heroes.

After a few more levels, the game makes it nearly impossible for you to progress through the final levels of the game, as the points you need to upgrade your characters slows down to a trickle.

Although the game is by no means perfect, I would recommend that any serious role-playing gamer tries this title. There are two unique campaigns in which to play through, and battle arenas to challenge your friends to PVP duels.

Age of Magic is incredibly immersive and makes it very difficult for any player to put the game down. If you have been looking for something exciting to play on your phone and are tired of match-3 and puzzle games, then head to the play store and download Age of Magic to get started!

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Stunning visuals
Addictive gameplay


Very difficult to level up your heroes from level 35

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