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Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar

I had the coolest backpack back when I was in school. My mum custom made it for me. She took and ordinary backpack from the store and then made diy improvements to it. Special compartments for my lunch and secret hideaway pockets as well as a cool design from my favorite movie back then. I was super proud. At first the other kids made fun, but I learned pretty soon that they were jealous. Customization rules - for backpacks and phones.

Nowadays, the most popular apps in the play store seem to be the ones which allow users to customize the look and functionality of their devices. I have found plenty of apps over the years that provide stunning backgrounds or notification sounds, but I have never discovered anything that focused primarily on the clock and calendar features of my phone.

Recently, I discovered the Alarm Clock app in the play store and decided to spruce up the clock display on my phone. When I downloaded the Alarm Clock App I wasn't sure what to expect initially, but I was surprised to find that there were far more options than simply changing the way my alarm clock looks on my phone.

Set Life Reminders

My favorite feature of the Alarm Clock App is the life reminders I can set to remind me about important events happening in my life. It's always been a struggle for me to remember all the birthdays in my huge family, so it was a relief for me to find the birthday notification option.

I was able to easily add a reminder for each of my loved ones with their name and a specific time in which to remind me to tell them Happy Birthday!

I am also able to set reminders for upcoming staff meetings, family reunions, party invitations, and so many more events. Ever since I downloaded the Alarm Clock App and started using it to help me manage my day to day life, I've become a far more organized person which is saying a lot for me.

Upbeat Alarm Tones

I've tried several different apps to change the sound of my alarm, but I have never found an app that would allow me to play my own music as an alarm.

You know the quintessential morning wake-up scene in the movies when the protagonist's alarm radio blares with an upbeat rock or pop song? Well, that is exactly the experience I have been looking for and am happy to say I have found in Alarm Clock App.

Not only does the app provide a list of upbeat tunes to get my morning started off on the right foot, but I can also upload songs from MP3 files on my device to use as an alarm. I love that I can choose a different song from my playlist to cater to whatever it is that I have planned for the day. So, if I have a crazy workout scheduled in the morning, I can make sure that I wake up pumped with the right music!

Turning Screens Into Timepieces

I've always loved the classic look of a traditional timepiece, especially the ones with a steampunk flair to them. Now that I check the time using the screen of my phone all the time, I've missed being able to appreciate the simplistic beauty and style of a traditional watch. There are plenty of unique clockface backgrounds to choose from in the Alarm Clock App, so I get to choose what style of watch I want my phone to look like. I love this feature because my husband and I love to coordinate our accessories with our outfits, and now we can take that one step further with our phones.

Overall, I would recommend the Alarm Clock App for anyone who enjoys customizing the look of their device. Instead of the typical cartoony images and childish backgrounds, step up your game with a timeless watch face on an elegantly styled background. Or, choose something a bit more modern and edgy with a digital look. No matter what style of watch you are into, you are sure to find it in the Alarm Clock App.

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