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Amazon Alexa is the app for amazons superior personal assistant. Organize your day, order via Alexa, play your favorite music or let Alexa control your home devices and appliances. You can stay in touch with your contacts and even make calls via Alexa compatible devices. There’s pretty much nothing where Alexa won’t have you covered. A great start into a smart home.

I tend to be a bit scatterbrained at times, so having a personal assistant sounds like something that would benefit me greatly. I could focus on one task at a time and rely on my assistant to help me get things done when I have too much going on.

There's only one problem with having a personal assistant if you're a regular person, they're a bit pricey! When Amazon Alexa first made her debut years ago, I knew I had to use the service to help me organize my crazy lifestyle.

Now that there is an app for my smartphone, I have downloaded Amazon Alexa to see if the app can help me even further. I must say, although she doesn't make me coffee or complete paperwork I have been putting off, Amazon Alexa has been one excellent addition to my mobile arsenal.

Create Shopping Lists

If there's one thing I'm terrible at, it's making sure that I have a completed shopping list when I hit the grocery store. Most of the time, I end up going to the supermarket with a growling tummy, so I tend to grab things that are not necessary.

Since I end up buying mostly snack foods and microwaved meals this way, I started using Amazon Alexa to create my shopping lists for me. All I have to do is ask her to create a shopping list, and when I think of an item around the house that I know I will need, I just ask her to add it onto the list!

Being able to jot down a list without having to actually scrounge around the house for a working pen and scrap of paper means that I might actually start to get some real shopping done! My phone never leaves my side, so as long as I have it with me, I will always have Amazon Alexa and my shopping lists!

Helpful Reminders

Being the scatterbrain that I am, there's oftentimes where I will forget what I was doing because another task pulled me off of the one I was focusing on previously.

Thankfully, now that I've started using Amazon Alexa so much on my phone, the app will show me exactly what I was working on or viewing through the app before I got sidetracked.

This means that if I was in the middle of making a meal plan for the week, checking the weather for my husbands upcoming business trip, or responding to an email from a client, I can easily figure out what I was doing so I can get back to it.

Severe Bugs

I was saddened, as most users were by the look of the forums, that Amazon Alexa nearly became unusable after a recent update. For some reason, the app will completely crash if I try to use the skills portion of Amazon Alexa.

It's frustrating, to say the least, that the app is having so many issues with connectivity and functionality as it is such a helpful tool when it's on its A game.

Overall, I would highly recommend that you download Amazon Alexa onto your smartphone or tablet, especially if you have any of the Alexa enabled devices at home.

If you do have a modern home with Amazon Alexa devices, then you will be able to synchronize and control each of them directly from the app on your device. This makes handling all the technology around our homes so much easier and gives us far more time to enjoy the things that really matter. Like asking Alexa to order a pizza after she helps you make the grocery list.

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An easy access into Smart Home


Buggy after recent update
Some functions are tricky to install

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