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Angry Birds Classic

I have played tons of casual games. Believe me - actual tons. Since I review a lot of games and consider myself to a gamer, I play games 24/7. And I have seen them all - puzzles, match 3 games, physic games, adventures and whatsoever. I do have my favorites of course. At least one in every genre. But - From all the games I ever played, I have quite an addiction for one - Angry Birds. I just love it.

Angry Birds revolutionized the way players enjoy gaming on their mobile devices by creating the best ever slingshot adventure on the market. I've enjoyed flinging these hilarious creatures across the screen of my phone for years, but there's something about the updated version of the slingshot classic that has me falling in love with the game all over again.

Rovio has included all of the things I loved about the classic version of the game while spicing it up with a few bonus features I couldn't wait to try, so I knew I had to download Angry Birds to re-experience one of my all-time mobile favorites!

Mighty League

My favorite addition to the remastered Angry Birds has to be the Mighty League! Growing up with four brothers, who also had an affinity for gaming, fostered a competitive spirit when it comes to obtaining high scores and placement on a leaderboard in games.

Because I grew up competing with them, I naturally love being able to compete with other gamers, no matter what title I'm playing. The Mighty League will put your skills to the test, but only the best of the best will earn enough stars to find their names at the top of the scoreboards!

Excellent Playability

I've always searched for games that have extensive playability; because, to me, there is nothing more disappointing than finding a game I really enjoy, only to learn that I can beat it in an afternoon.

There has always been an extensive amount of playability to Angry Birds, but on top of everything they've done to freshen up the game, you can still enjoy all 15 of the original chapters, which include over 680 levels!

If you've never played Angry Birds before, you'll enjoy the steady increase in difficulty and hilarity found in each level. The pigs will only fortify their armaments more heavily after every take-down, so you'll have to think quickly on your feet when attacking their defenses.

Random Glitches

As much as the developers have improved on the game over the years, there are still a few significant issues with the game. Possibly the most frustrating problems I came across were random glitches that would make my game freeze up and force me to shut it down in mid-flight.

I wouldn't have minded this glitch so much if I could have just opened the app and picked up from where I was interrupted, but that's never how it works out, is it?

As if the freezes in the middle of the game is not enough, you might just find that after you get back into the game that you've actually lost data and have to backtrack your progress. You can imagine how this would be especially frustrating for a competitive natured person who is trying to climb the leaderboards in the Mighty League.

At the end of the day, I find way more to love about Angry Birds than I can to complain about. The game is as stunning as ever with brightly colored, smooth graphics and endearing characters that leave you with a smile on your face. Whether you have never had the opportunity to try the game, or you have been a fan since day one, you will want to download Angry Birds to add to your mobile gaming library.

If you tend to have smooth gaming experiences on your device, then you will more than likely not experience any of the data loss or freezing issues in the game. However, if you have an older device or one that tends to give you problems, prepare yourself for the possibility of a glitchy experience.

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Addictive gameplay


Game freezes in flight mode and you might loose some progress

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