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I remember that AOL was the first Email client I ever used. It was a long time ago, back when the Internet was pretty slow and you just had rudimentary chats, websites and everything was quite ancient. AOL somehow managed to looked pretty cool even back then. And what’s even more important - they are still around and still one of the big players. Is their new mobile app as convincing as their desktop application?

AOL has been around as far back as I can remember, so I was surprised to see the AOL app in the play store on my phone. I can remember having an old AOL account, so I decided to set a new one up to see if I could use the service once again to talk with family members who still use it.

I like that I can read articles on current events, check and compose emails, look at the weather, and chat with family members all in the AOL app, but there were plenty of things I didn't like about the service as well.

Nothing Special

After I downloaded the AOL app, I was anticipating something new and exciting since the service has been around for so long. I was slightly disappointed to see the same, tired features of the AOL I remember from my childhood.

There are many apps out there that let you read email, search the weather, and read the news all in one application, so there really is no need to use a service that is outdated and overpriced for what it is.

Too Many Bugs

As if the lack of excitement wasn't enough, the app is littered with technical bugs and issues with the mail service. You would think that an app which is supposed to let you stay up to date with your email would keep things refreshed as often as possible. However, if you download the AOL app with the intention of reading urgent emails, you may want to consider something else.

My biggest pet peeve with the AOL app is that when I open my emails I see the messages from the previous day and my current emails take far too long to show up in my inbox. Because I work from home it is vital that I receive my emails as soon as possible, so this was one of the worst issues I had with the app.

Must Pay For AOL Services

One of the things I had forgotten about AOL was that you had to pay them to use all of their services. Although some things are free, just like the AOL app, there are other features and benefits from the company that you have to pay for to use.

I think this is why it frustrates me so much that AOL seems to throw a bandaid over all the issues in their app and the various services it is supposed to provide. If customers are expected to pay for a service, then I would think the company providing said service would want it to run as smoothly as possible all the time, right?

The developers at AOL seem to throw out a cookie-cutter "Thank you for being patient" message on the forums every time a customer has a complaint. Although it's great to get a response, it's far better to see some results rather than waiting around for weeks and in some cases months to see a problem resolved in the AOL app.

I was expecting so much more from the AOL app when I downloaded it, but I'm sorry to say the service doesn't provide much more than it did in the 90s. If you are still an AOL customer, I suppose it could be worth the download, although you may have to deal with quite a few bugs while using the app.

Overall, I would say use the AOL app with caution and perhaps go with a more reliable service if you are trying to establish a professional email service for a home business or other venture.

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