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Apple Music really is one of those services were you don't know how you ever managed to exist without. Apple was pioneering this industry with their Apple Music service that would let you listen & download any song, from any artist for a very low monthly fee. Plus, even share it with your family members. Which ;thanks to the music industry; was all totally unthinkable up until this point.

Apple Music - What It Is And What It isn't

With Apple Music you pay one low monthly fee, currently $9.99/mo for a single account or alternatively $14.99 for a family subscription that you can share with up to 6 family members.

This subscription lets you then access the entire Apple Music library without limits. You can listen to any album, song or artist you wish and you're also able to download songs or even entire albums for offline listening. This all works at the tap of a button, downloaded songs are on your device and can then be played whenever you feel like it without needing wifi or mobile internet connection.

What you cannot do, is export the music outside of Apple Music. So don't think it's a good idea to try to download Apple Music onto your hard drive and then cancel the subscription again. Nu uh, won't work like that, you can only access all the music for as long as you have an active subscription.

Meaning as soon as you cancel, you won't be able to access the library anymore. To be fair though, before services like Apple Music you actually had to buy every single album at full price, so if you listen to music on a daily basis it's an unbeatable deal.


The Apple Music app lets you conveniently create Playlists that are then available on all your devices as well. You can add songs, or entire Albums to a playlist. If you like you can also share playlists with your friends, or create your own radio station from it that is then shared on Apple Music and accessible by other people all over the world.

Play Next

During workouts, I always listen to Apple Music, as I'm sure many of you are. One feature I really love is the "Play next" button.

This really shows how much thought went into developing the app. What this button does is, adding songs to a queue.

But not just songs, you can even add entire Albums, or Artists with this button. Very often when my playlist reaches a certain point where I know the music that follows from now on, is either too slow for my current workout, or I just heard those songs too many times already I can simply add another song or album or artist to be played next. Single button tap vs. having to manually add new songs, very convenient!

Offline Listening

Another feature I absolutely love, is the ability to download any of the content Apple Music offers.

Nothing is more annoying when you are listening to music and then it starts buffering like crazy, probably also right in the middle of your favorite part.

I travel a lot to foreign countries and internet availability isn't always the best, so the fact that I can just download hundreds of songs beforehand is just amazing.


Apple Music is a great service & app. It is perfect for those who love music and listen to music daily. Apple Music is available on all devices and operating systems, so it doesn't matter if you're using an iOS device or if you're hooked on Android.

There really isn't anything bad to say about Apple Music, the fact that you can only access the music library with an active subscription might sound like a turn-off for some. But remember, your imported music you can access at any time, even without subscription. If you don't have a subscription, you need to pay for every song and album, and even if you have the Apple Music subscription for decades it would still be way cheaper than always buying all the music.

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Great UI, Easy to use
Good price


DRM Protection, can't use music outside of Apple Music

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