Army Men Strike

Toy soldiers in action. Who will win the war?

Army Men Strike

Do you remember the green Army men from Pixars Toy Story movies? They were so funny. And seemed so familar - I think because we all remember having these small green army plastic figures we used to play with as kids. It is an interesting take to make a complex military game that uses these tiny figures as protagonists. But is it as good as it sounds?

It's been decades since I lost my little green army men, but I still think of them as a fond childhood memory from time to time. With the advancement in gaming technology, there is no shortage of war-time related games with stunning graphics and settings so realistic your heart literally races from the heat of battle.

Although these shooters and strategy games are all fine and well, there are times I want to relive my childhood and play something that takes me back to simpler times.

When I initially discovered Army Men Strike in the mobile play store, I assumed that the game was tailored to children as it looked like something pulled out of a kids movie upon first glance. On further inspection, I realized Army Men Strike is a whimsical tower defense game that you can play with green toy army men!

Play Like A Kid Again

If you were a kid in the 80s and early 90s, then you probably remember having a bag of your own little green army men. My brother and I would place dozens of them around the house in simulated battles and pretend there was a miniature war going on, much to our mother's annoyance.

Now that I've started playing Army Men Strike, I can relive those childhood days by placing 3D army men around a virtual home so they can take out the enemy troops!

At its core, Army Men Strike is a tower defense game that gives players an entirely new experience with the genre. My favorite aspect of the game is choosing where I want to place my army men around the room to defeat the tan soldiers!

Whimsical Graphics

When I initially discovered Army Men Strike in the play store, I assumed it was a Toy Story game because of the similar graphic design. The 3D home environment in which the game takes place makes you feel as though you're playing on the floor of your childhood home once again.

The realism captured in each sequence and area of Army Men Strike is flawless and will surely immerse you into a state of childlike wonder. Though the game is quite whimsical in its design, the tower defense mechanics in Army Men Strike are still solid. So, you don't have to worry about sacrificing a decent strategy system just because the graphics aren't what you might be used to.

Family Friendly

My favorite aspect of Army Men Strike is that you never have to see the blood and guts or hear the foul language that is so prevalent in most of the games produced in today's market. Also, the user interface is not so complicated that a child couldn't play this game which gives it yet another star in my book!

It's difficult to find content nowadays that I'm ok with my children interacting with, but when I downloaded Army Men Strike I knew I had found something really special.

If you happen to be looking for a game that will take you back to when you were a kid, or simply trying to find something exciting and wholesome for your kids to play on your phone or tablet.

Another exciting mention for Army Men Strike is that you don't have to play with army men alone; There are remote-controlled planes, Transformers, rubber ducks and several other toys that you can choose to fight for you.

There is lots to see and do in Army Men Strike, so get to the play store and make sure to download Army Men Strike on your phone or tablet to take a trip through memory lane.

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