Astronomy for Kids πŸš€ Space Game by Star Walk 2

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Astronomy for Kids πŸš€ Space Game by Star Walk 2

I used to watch the stars with my dad when I grew up. He would always arrive at home late, because he was working a lot. But every night we would fetch some snacks and climb on the roof through my window and just look up into the sky. We weren't talking much, just stargazing and watching the infinte ocean of stars above our heads. Astronomy is a wonderful topic which can bring the whole family together.

As a parent, I try to find ways to keep my children entertained while also fostering an educational environment. Sure, it's fine to let loose and play with things that are created for pure entertainment, but I try to sprinkle in some games and toys that will help to shape their minds as well.

Because both of my children have expressed an affinity for science and outer space, I decided to download Astronomy For Kids on my tablet so they could learn all about what interests them without feeling bored or uninterested.

The app makes it easy for kids to learn all about the planets and constellations which will only help them later on with their schoolwork. So, if you have little ones in your home that love stargazing, then make sure to get Astronomy For Kids so they can explore the skies!

Fun Graphics

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using any form of media to teach children is to keep things light and entertaining. This way, children learn through play and don't even realize they are actually studying and retaining useful information.

The cartoons, games, user-interface, and all other graphics in Astronomy For Kids are perfectly curated so that the bright colors, fun characters, and friendly narrator keep your child immersed and fully invested in the game.

Although I knew my kids would enjoy a game about space, I wasn't sure if they would sit long enough to learn something from the app, but Astronomy For Kids keeps them entertained for hours!

Go Stargazing

What good is learning Astronomy if you can't take the lesson outside and peer at the night sky to find the constellations or planets? I remember stargazing with my father when I was little and wishing there was some way that I could identify all of the different constellations.

Now, when you download Astronomy For Kids, you can simply point the camera on your device toward the sky and that app will tell you what constellations are visible.

Having the Astronomy For Kids app available as a crude smart-telescope helps out a lot when our family is out during an evening and one of the kids asks about a group of stars they see. If I'm unsure of what the constellation is called, I can turn to the app to help me identify what we're looking at.

Playing Games

My kids love using the Astronomy For Kids app to watch cartoons about the planets, moons, stars, and more, but the app provides so much more than the ability to identify constellations and watch space-related cartoons.

Kids can also use the app to play games relating to the subject matter they've learned through the app.

By giving children a game to play that covers a learned topic, the developers have not only created a useful study tool, but they have also given children a fantastically entertaining way to learn about something that would bore a lot of people.

Astronomy For Kids has been one of the best investments I could have made in my children's education, and I didn't even have to spend any money to download the app. If you are a family that loves stargazing, or you have a kid that is interested in space or perhaps has a dream of becoming an astronaut one day, then you would be remiss to leave this one out of your mobile gaming library.

I'm so glad that development teams are starting to create content that is actually educational and doesn't shove inappropriate content in the innocent faces of our children.

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