Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Make it real. Build your own Dreamhouse.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Did you play with action figures or dolls when you grew up? I think there is not a single doll that is more famous than the Barbie Doll. She is around since the 50’s or so and people all around the globe know her and have a lot of nice childhood memories affiliated with the Barbie Franchise. But there is not only the doll. There are books, comics, cartoons and movies revolving around here. And games!

Times have changed quite a bit since I was a kid, but one thing that still remains popular with children, especially young girls, is the Barbie franchise. Not only does the company still come out with unique Barbie dolls, but there are also countless accessories, toys, and even video games for kids to enjoy.

Now that I have my own daughter who loves to play games, I thought I would download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures to see if she would connect with the brand the same way I did as a kid.

I was pleased to find that the game stayed as true as possible to the original Barbie style we all know and love. My daughter enjoyed interacting with all of Barbies friends and really immersing herself into the Barbie universe.

Decorate the Dreamhouse

I was lucky enough to have a Barbie dreamhouse when I was young, and I always wished I could change the way it looked without adding stickers or using a medium that would otherwise irritate my parents.

When you download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, one of the first orders of business is to decorate the dreamhouse to look anyway your heart desires. My daughter spent what felt like hours tweaking the look of her Barbie dreamhouse; from changing the iconic bubblegum-pink walls to her favorite shade of purple to changing the style of the accessories and items in her characters room.

Customize Your Barbie

The dreamhouse isn't the only thing you can redecorate when you play Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. As you play through the game you will earn currency toward the purchase of outfits, accessories, and even pets!

My favorite part about this game is that players get the chance to make their Barbie look however they want. I think this is a great feature, especially for kids who like to express themselves.

There are tons of different outfits, hairstyles, accessories, makeup and more for players to choose from, so the possibilities are nearly endless when creating your Barbie masterpiece.

Tons of Minigames

Because my daughter plays so many different things and seems to get bored with monotony in games, I wasn't sure how long Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures would hold her attention. Soon after she started playing the game, I started to realize how much playability was to the title.

Not only will you have the opportunity to decorate the dreamhouse any way you want and dress up your Barbie, but you can also attend a pool party at Ken's with all of your friends, head to the photo booth with Nikki and Teresa and even hang out with Barbies little sister Skipper!

I was surprised at how many different mini-games and things there are to do in such a simple game. My daughter loves playing the game and doesn't get bored too quickly, and to be honest, I even enjoy playing on occasion after she's gone to bed for the evening!

At the end of the day, this is the perfect mobile game for anyone who has an affinity for or has special memories of playing with Barbies as a child. The only problem I found with the game is that the developers added an in-game store to purchase different items and even to unlock specific characters.

I don't mind the developers trying to make a buck here and there, but the game is intended to be played by children, and an in-game store seems to be an impractical choice for a mobile game enjoyed by kids.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Pros & Cons


Stays true to the Barbie Franchise
A lot of fun minigames


In-App Store seems inappropriate in a Kids app

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