Battle of Vicksburg

A strategic battle game with a historic background.

Battle of Vicksburg

I don’t know much about history. Do you? Of course we learned a lot of history in school, but I had a hard time memorizing all the dates and important historic events. It’s fascinating though to imagine how it must have been back in the day. To live a completely different live in another period of time. Maybe in ancient times or another century. Is Battle of Vicksburg a realistic gaming app experience?

When I came across the Battle of Vicksburg in the Google play store, I was intrigued by the idea of playing a game that would essentially simulate the actual Siege of Vicksburg that took place during the American Civil War. I was never one that received very high grades in history class, so I thought perhaps a game could help me retain the information I once learned in high school.

Parent's could also download the Battle of Vicksburg so that their kids can play the game and hopefully remember all the little pieces of information they learned when it comes time to take a test at school.

Whether you are a history buff, a desperate parent looking for something to sneakily teach their children, or you're simply looking for an interesting war simulator, you are sure to enjoy the Battle of Vicksburg.

Family Friendly

I don't mind playing first-person shooter games like the Battle of Vicksburg, but I can't stand when a creative team goes overboard with the little gory details.

If my soldier shoots an enemy in the game, I don't have to worry about seeing a lot of bloody animation on my screen, because the over the top nature of the FPS community is not the focus when playing Battle of Vicksburg.

Because the developers decided to leave out all the bloody details, kids could easily play this game without being exposed to anything they might not be ready to handle.

Clunky Graphics & Controls

One of the only things that really bothered me when playing Battle of Vicksburg is the lacking graphics and clunky controls. You can tell upon downloading Battle of Vicksburg that the development teams focus was not on making the game look spectacular in any sense of the word.

The background, although colorful, is flat and unexciting, and the soldiers look like glorified stick men with weapons and basic armor.

If you are solely playing this game for the historical information and gameplay, then you'll more than likely adore this game. However, if you are used to playing games with high-quality graphics and smooth streamlined controls, then you may want to keep looking for a mobile FPS.

No Internet Required

I absolutely love that this game is completely off the grid. I don't' have to worry about getting a bunch of party invites while I am on the game, and there won't be any distracting messages to cover up half of my screen while in battle.

Although I love to meet new people and play MMORPGs online, there are other times when I just want to enjoy some peace and quiet playing a game on my phone, by myself.

I also enjoy finding games that don't require an internet connection because I typically choose an app to keep myself entertained while traveling on a plane; so, I'm happy to have found the Battle of Vicksburg.

Another significant thing I noticed about the Battle of Vicksburg app is that no matter what the issue seems to be, the development team will respond to your problem in a timely manner. There's nothing that bothers me more than a developer that doesn't care, so I was pleased to see all the great responses and timely fixes on their part.

One of my only pet peeves with the Battle of Vicksburg is how boring it can be at times because of the lack of stimulating graphics. If only the creative team could revamp the look of the game, they would probably have a lot more happy players on their hands. If the game were to look a bit more polished and realistic, it would be far more enjoyable of a game.

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Historical Setting
No internet required


Clunky Visuals
Bad controls

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