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I love honey. I even like it more than sugary treats. Donuts, cake, ice cream, chocolate, sundaes - they are all fantastic. But if I would have to choose between other sweets and honey - I would always stick to my honey. It is delicious, healthy, so useful in the kitchen and one of my most favorite ingredients of all times. So a game where you manage a bee hive and control the honey production sounds just like my jam.

Remember sitting in Microeconomics thinking: when will I use this stuff? Why should I care about supply and demand? Well, behold the download of Bee Factory, a game that is not just a game but also a strong teaching of microeconomics. Kids, prepare to be taught. Adults: prepare to have those lessons refreshed.

It's The Honey!

Bee Factory is set up in a split screen mode. The bottom half shows the worker bees pumping out as much honey as they can (supply). The top part of the screen shows the machine producing the honey (demand). The greater the supply, the higher the demand. In an economic model, this is called "market-driven", where the price is determined by the demand. It's often found in the essentials. Think of toilet paper. Everyone needs toilet paper. It's safe to say there will never not be a need for toilet paper. Therefore, the demand always exists no matter the amount of supply.

The same theory applies to the honey produced by our friend the bee in Bee Factory. You simply push the bees to make more honey and then swipe back and forth on the machine to make more jars of honey. As your output increases, your money increases. With the money, you can upgrade your producers (the bees) and the manufacturing equipment.

The difference between this game and those lessons of microeconomics is FUN! The game is a fun and addictive journey into an otherwise boring subject (well...boring for some people). If you enjoy the challenge of production and mastering the supply chain, this game is for you.

This game would fit perfectly in a school teaching microeconomics. I can see it used in a class of school-age children just beginning to learn about economics, and how supply and demand make a huge impact on the price of a commodity (like honey). The game is also a real-life reflection of honey collection. It's safe to say honey collection is a wise and lucrative business because the demand for honey is pretty steady. Those wishing to understand how the market works, while having fun learning, will love Bee Factory.

The upgrades in the game add an interesting angle to our theory of microeconomics. Of course, in the real world, capital is spent on upgrading equipment both on the supply and the demand side. Guess what? It's used for the same purpose here. You use the money you make to upgrade your equipment and push out even more bottles of honey. You attract more bees to work harder depositing honey into your machine. It's economics at it's finest. Fun fact: The workers never go on strike. They are bees! They love making honey!

Bee Factory is a powerful game in a fun and educational way. It's a great lesson in economics. The game provides hours of lessons in how economics works and you don't even know you're learning about supply and demand while playing it. The game should be used in a school setting where kids can learn about economics and the theory behind higher supply and demand. They also get to play with bees from a safe perspective, which is a nice addition.

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Bee Hive ;-)
A very good econimcs simulation


Difficult for beginners

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