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Bejeweled Classic

My mom loves everything shiny and glittering. No matter if twinkling fairy lights, stars, shiny jewels or gemstones. Everything that sparkles, shines and glitters will get her attention. So of course when it comes to mobile games, I know exactly what I can recommend to her. And maybe Bejeweled Classic will be my newest tip for her. Let's find out, if Bejeweled is sparkling like a diamond.

Bejeweled was the first ever match-three puzzle game I had ever played on PC. I remember thinking that the puzzles were so interesting and beautiful to look at because of all the jewel tones and bright colors.

Now that I am an adult who doesn't have a ton of time to sit at a PC and play games, I had decided to download Bejeweled Classic to see if it will help keep me entertained while I have downtime or during traveling.

I was overall pleased with the experience, but there were a few things that could be tweaked to make the game even better, in my opinion.

Choose A Mode

I love that in the mobile version of the game you can choose which mode you'd like to play. There are several modes to choose from in Bejeweled Classic, but you won't be able to play them past the first five levels unless you play.

At first, I was really excited to see that I could change up the mode of the game, but I was quickly disheartened when I saw the multiple payments the development team wants for obtaining them. You do not only pay one fee, but you also pay a fee for each and every mode that you wish to play past the fifth level.

I understand that developers need to make a living too, but it seems a bit ridiculous to me that players are expected to pay more than once for content in a single game.

Offline Mode Available

One of the redeeming features of the mobile version of Bejeweled Classic is the ability to play the game offline. I can't stand when I find a match-three game that I really enjoy only to learn that I have to be connected to the internet in order to play the game.

I always look for games that I can play in airplane mode or offline because I travel a few times a year, and those long flights can get rather dull. Offline mode also gives me the opportunity to go off the grid if I don't feel like being interrupted by messages.

Unresponsive Developers

There's nothing I hate more than paying for a game and then having the development team go ghost on me if there are any issues. Although you can download Bejeweled Classic for free, there are several microtransactions in the game where you can purchase modes, boosts, and other items.

For a development team to ask for money from customers repeatedly and then not respond to them if they run into an issue with their product, is just disgraceful to me. If you are expecting your customers to spend money multiple times on a single game, the least you can do for them is answer an email or technical support ticket.

Overall, Bejeweled Classic is a great nostalgic game for those who love match-three puzzles and enjoy the Bejeweled franchise. Just keep in mind that if you decide to unlock the entire game you will be spending a good chunk of change to do so.

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