Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game

Thereā€˜s trouble in paradise - get rid of the snails.

Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game

I love to go down the never ending rabbit hole of fantastic fairytale worlds. You can spend hours exploring the creative and imaginative worlds and see fantastic creatures. In movies, Books, Comics, songs or fairytales. And also in games - games can create an immersive world where you literally feel like you entered a new world. Is the world Best Fiends creates worth exploring?

Match-3 games are some of the most popular titles in the play store, and as much as I love the genre, they can become a bit monotonous. Most of the titles out there pertain to crushing candy, blocks, and other bland shapes without much of a story or connection to any characters. Recently, I was on the hunt for something a bit different and came across Best Fiends. Best Fiends changes things up by giving players the opportunity to collect "fiends," which appear to be bug-like creatures that fight on your behalf against evil slugs!

If you love playing matching puzzle games but are tired of the same old content, then head to the play store and download Best Fiends for a refreshing new pastime!

Daily Events

One of the features that drew me to Best Fiends is the daily events that take place in the game. Every day your fiends will have a new foe to take on or a special mission to complete.

Sometimes you will have to collect a specific number of colored pieces, and other times you might need to defeat a special boss. I love the addition of daily events to puzzle games like Best Fiends because they add an entirely new level of playability to the game.

There are many times that I've wanted to play a match-3 game but was stuck on a level that I could not pass. Now that I've downloaded Best Fiends, I can still enjoy solving fresh new puzzles even if I've been stuck on one for a few days.

Character Collection

There are tons of adorable characters to collect in Best Fiends and I couldn't love the idea more. By adding the challenge of collecting various characters, the developers for Best Fiends has presented yet another level of playability to the game.

Not only can you collect a seemingly endless line of characters, but you can also level them up individually to be of better use against the evil slugs! I love that I can still enjoy the satisfying gameplay of a matching puzzle game while also watching my fiendish friends battle it out with vicious slug monsters.

Non-Intrusive Ads

The only thing I despise about the mobile gaming community is how often advertisements are shoved down my throat. I understand that ads are how developers make their money, but sometimes it can become a bit overbearing.

I expected to be bombarded in Best Fiends, as usual with most mobile games, but the interruptions were refreshingly few and far between. It wasn't often that I had to stop the momentum of my gameplay to watch an advertisement, and this only made playing Best Fiends even more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, the team at Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. have created a breath of fresh air for the mobile gaming community. There is plenty of playability to the game with daily events, character collection and management, and of course, lots of puzzle solving!

Being free to play makes Best Fiends even more enticing to play because it's one of the few that I've found that doesn't bog your experience down with ads. The team clearly cares about the game and the gamers who enjoy playing it, and it shows in the pristine quality of this title.

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Additional puzzles daily
Super Cute Characters


Too many In-Game ads

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