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Big Big Baller

I have a lot of fun playing games with a unique, creative concept. Most of the time the appalling thing about them is their simplicity. The easier the rules and the simpler the controls the more fun you get out of it. It’s astonishing how long a simple game can keep you occupied. It’s always cool to have a couple of games like that on your phone - is Big Big Baller one of them?

From Supertapx comes Big Big Baller, a fun and addictive game involving you as a ball that gets bigger with everything you crush, but look have enemies. The opposition are other players who have gotten bigger and are on the hunt for your measly little ball. So what do you do? Get rolling! Get bigger!

The Strategy?

The download of Big Big Baller is akin to Paper 2 where you have a vessel and you have to avoid other players, or else it is your doom. The strategy is to basically destroy everything in your path so you can get bigger and destroy your enemies by crushing them. The game is a terrific stress reducer and can easily be mastered within a few plays. However, there are levels where you can increase your strength and speed. But beware, your enemies are bigger and faster as well. They are not immune to the change of levels, nor the increase in power.

Graphics and Feel

If you were to take the basic graphics of Paper and put it on a street-scape, you would have Big Big Baller. The graphics are basic, but fun enough to not be boring. After all, you don't really need important or intense graphics for a game of this nature. You just need your ball and lots of objects in front of it. I imagine the large ball of stone from Raiders of the Lost Ark in the world of Grand Theft Auto, with the ball being both the protagonist and the nemesis of all who oppose it.

Global Play

You are rolling against players across the globe. This makes it somewhat difficult because a lot of players have had ample time to play and thus, hone their skills and have become dangerous with the playing. The fact you are playing on a global scale is pretty interesting as you can imagine as it is fun to play against people from all over the world. The same concept exists in Paper 2. The balls have the player's handle, identifying who they are when they crush you.

First Step...Consume Everything

The game is simple but there is one strategic point: Eat Everything. Make moves quickly, absorbing all around you to become the biggest ball in the fastest amount of time. This will make you formidable across all fronts and eventually you will see your enemies running from you since your ball is gigantic compared to their little ball. This is how you become a Big Big Baller.


Overall, the game has its merits. It is fun to play and a great time monster. The game is simple so don't look for much of a challenge here. It's just a basic, fun game that consumes time. You can set a challenge for yourself to see how many balls you can consume in the short amount of time, and then try to beat your goal. The graphics are pretty simple as well, but with games like this you're not really looking for great graphics.

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Nice concept


Visuals could be better

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