Bingo Bash: Online Slots & Bingo Games Free By GSN

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Bingo Bash: Online Slots & Bingo Games Free By GSN

The first time I played bingo, I knew nothing of the rules. You get a lot of numbers and a bingo card. A host will pick numbers and read them aloud. Every time you hear one of your numbers you have to mark it on your list. And once you completed a whole line of numbers you have it - a BINGO. You have to notify the host instantly to get the prize. If only I had known that. I didn’t say a word and didn’t get a prize. Unlucky me :-)

I have a lot of fond memories of sitting around a table with my family as we played bingo during balmy summer evenings at the community firehouse. We didn't often win anything but it was always exciting to get out there and try our luck with the rest of our neighbors.

Now that I'm older and technology has allowed me to enjoy the game from the comfort of my air-conditioned home, I would much rather play Bingo Bash on my phone than sit in a gymnasium of strangers with leaky dobbers.

If you have an affinity for bingo but don't enjoy the social setting as much as others, then head to the play store and download Bingo Bash to get in on the fun.

Playful Graphics

At the beginning of any search for a new game, I always start off by checking out the quality level of the graphics. Showing off your animation and design skills are the first two steps to catching any players attention, and the team at Bingo Bash more than succeeds in capturing attention in the play store.

If you have ever played at a bingo hall, then I'm sure you're already aware of how boring some of the cards can look. When you start playing

Bingo Bash, you'll have the opportunity to choose from several unique styles of bingo cards which only makes the game more entertaining, in my opinion.

Fair Win Ratio

If there's one common denominator found in any of the simulated gambling apps in the play store, it's the ridiculously low rate in which players actually win. You must remember, however, that any game of chance is going to require a certain level of luck, but there are ways for the developers to tweak the game so that the ratio levels out a bit.

Luckily, the team at GSN Games has finally developed a game that will actually let players win once in a while. There are tons of ways to get bonuses in the game which only helps to give players a feeling of progression in an otherwise monotonous game.

Development Team Eager To Improve

It's fairly typical in this day and age to find snarky or even negligent developers who ignore customer complaints after the success of an app. I expected much of the same from Bingo Bash if there should be any problems, but I was quickly proven wrong when I noticed how quickly the developers respond to questions, comments, and suggestions in the play store.

If you are tired of losing money to mobile developers who take your hard earned cash and then neglect to fix issues with the app you paid for, then why not play Bingo Bash and start supporting a developer that actually cares about their players.

I love that the development team for Bingo Bash gave players more options than just playing bingo cards. You can also choose from several different 777-style slot machines and even spin a Wheel of Fortune inspired wheel to win massive prizes.

There are some who would say that Bingo Bash doesn't offer long enough play time to really sink into the game, but I find the match durations to be right on point. Even though you run out of coins quickly, there are plenty of ways in the app for players to earn more coins, so it's all about how you interact with the game as a whole.

If you enjoy playing bingo but don't want to spend real money to play the game, then head to the play store on your device to download Bingo Bash to start filling up cards!

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Fair Win Ratio
Not only Bingo games


Soundtrack is a bit repetative

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