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Bitmoji – your personal emoji

I have a lot of friends abroad. Pen pals, friends I got to know traveling around. It’s so great that there is something like social media to stay in each other’s lives, even though you live thousands of miles apart. It’s nice to communicate with them and to message on a regular basis. Some of my friends don’t speak English really well, and when you don’t have the time to explain everything it’s the best to write in a universal language. That’s why I love emojis.

Emojis have been a staple in modern conversation since texting became the most popular way to contact the people in our lives. I've always been a big fan of using emojis when texting back and forth with friends and loved ones, but I've always wanted a more personalized experience from the animations.

Now that I've downloaded Bitmoji on my phone, I can create emoji avatars that look just like me! Not only do I get to personalize my chat experience, but now I can include my bitmojis in countless stickers, gifs, and even change the way my avatar looks from season to season.

If you are looking for a more personalized chat experience with an emoji that captures your style perfectly, then make sure to get Bitmoji from the play store and surprise your friends!

Compatible With Snapchat & Other Apps

One of the most interesting features I found in Bitmoji was the friendmojis that you can unlock when you use Snapchat with your friends. A friendmoji is a bitmoji that includes both your avatar and the avatar of the friend you are currently talking too.

Not only can you use friendmojis in Snapchat, but you can also use your personalized Bitmoji avatars and stickers in any of the most popular social media applications today. That means you can show off your avatar on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other popular apps.

Buy Personalized Items

If you can't get enough of your Bitmoji, then head to the in-game store in the app to find your personal avatar displayed on countless items. You can purchase T-shirts, hats, mouse pads, tumblers, and so many more personalizable items.

I couldn't help but purchase myself a few silly items, and even created a Bitmoji for my mom so that I could send her a few items as well. It might seem like a silly thing to add to a social app, but I love having the option to create silly gifts to purchase for myself or others that has an animated likeness of myself on it. Who wouldn't love to drink out of a coffee mug every morning that has an avatar of themselves on it?

Need More Style Options

My only real complaint with Bitmoji is that there aren't enough hair or clothing options to truly personalize the avatars. There are so many different styles out there that you would think the developers would include a little bit of all of them, however, all I could find were clothing styles that I would never wear.

The hairstyles seem to be categorized by race in the app, so a lot of times, the hairstyles I find that would fit my real life appearance are locked under a different skin tone.

Overall, I love the whole concept of the app; having the ability to create an animated version of yourself to include in fun greetings and conversations has been a wish of many people for a long time, so it's nice to finally have the option.

The one thing the developers could include to make the app even more enjoyable for users would be a creative outlet for making your own stickers. All of the Bitmoji stickers in the app are pre-made, but if there was a way that users could mix and match pictures to create their own stickers, that would make Bitmoji even more exciting to use.

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Compatible with other Social Media Apps


Not enough styling options

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