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Bloons TD 5

When I played my first tower defense game, I became literally obsessed with the genre. It is so much fun to plan a strategy for your defense and then to see if it plays out successfully - or if your tower gets destroyed and you loose it all in the blink of an eye. I could play for hours, trying different ideas and wondering what plays out best. Is the new Bloons as good as the last parts?

I love playing tower defense games, especially now that you can find them in the Google play store; but, some of them are so dark and violent that it ends up feeling a lot more serious than just enjoying a bit of fun in a game.

Recently, I have found I would much rather play a game with bright colors, fun characters, and exciting music than a dark, dingy, dungeon crawler.

I discovered Bloons TD 5 while browsing for something new, and couldn't help but download the game to see what it was all about.

I couldn't be happier with the decision to download Bloons TD 5 onto my phone as it has replaced my favorite mobile game, at least for now. The characters are adorable, the graphics are bright and engaging, and the controls are simple to master.

Family Friendly Tower Defense

My favorite aspect of the game is that the developers took a favorite gaming genre and spun it so the entire family could enjoy playing, without parents fearing the presence of inappropriate content.

The noble defenders in this tower defense title are all adorable little monkeys who work tirelessly to save their beloved village from the attacking...balloons?

Yes! At the start of the game, you will have to place your monkeys and their various towers wisely to not allow any menacing balloons through your village. Listen to the popping and snapping of the balloons as the towers shoot them down, and make sure to annihilate every colorful sphere in your path!

Beat Levels To Open All Features

I love that you have to play the game to enjoy the whole game. Some players feel that if you purchase a game, you should receive it with everything unlocked and ready to play.

I disagree as I think it's far more enjoyable to have something to strive for when starting a new game. Just because I spent real money to download a game doesn't mean I want the developers to nerf everything so that I can beat it in one day.

I've always loved the work required to conquer a decent gaming title so I can appreciate that the team at Ninja Kiwi makes you work for it, without making things too complicated, of course.

Change The Difficulty

Although you might think that Bloons TD 5 is just for kids because of the monkeys, balloons, and colorful environments, but you can always amp up the difficulty to give yourself a bit of a challenge.

In the same respect, you can also make the game even more straightforward so that the younger members of your family don't become frustrated with losing. Although I must say, the controls are straightforward as all you have to do is tap the screen to place your towers, monkeys, and to attack, so it's effortless for young kids to pick up and play.

When you download Bloons TD 5, it's like you're getting the most popular family-friendly tower defense game of all time. There's no lewd outfits, no violent content, and the graphics progress from small, helium-filled balloons to massive Zeppelin-style war machines.

I would recommend getting this game for any of you who enjoy a simple but exciting game, but who also have kids in the house who like to play games on your phone.

Keep in mind, there is a co-op feature in the game which will allow you to invite friends to a match to see who can take out the other first. So, make sure to tell your friends about Bloons TD 5 and encourage them for a fun-loving game of Bloons TD 5.

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Addictive tower defense


Can be difficult to play on a small screen

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