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Bloons TD 6

Have you ever played dodgeball? It’s a game where two team throw balls at each other. Who ever gets hit, is out. The first team that is completely wiped off the field looses, the remaining team wins. It was my favorite game growing up. It seems like a really simple game, but actually it is highly strategic and hard to play. Like a good tower defense game, who’s have to think about your every move and fun out your opponents weaknesses.

Tower defense titles are among some of the most popular strategic games available throughout the industry, but I never thought I would see one as good as Bloons TD 6 for the small screen! I'm also pretty sure the TD stands for total destruction as there is no way my enemies stand a chance against my fleet of monkeys and their formidable towers.

Bloons TD 6 is the latest installment in Ninja Kiwi's arsenal of tower defense games, but if you are used to playing, say, Bloons TD 5, then you're in for a few surprises when you download Bloons TD 6 on your smartphone or tablet.

Family Friendly Tower Defense

Typically, when you find a tower defense game, regardless of what platform it's featured on, it is usually a much darker, intense experience than the fun-loving monkeys and bright colors of Bloons TD 6. That is probably why I love playing this game so much; at times it can get a bit old playing through games with so much violence, blood, gore, and sexuality, that all you want to do is play a simple, straightforward, PG game.

Luckily, when you download Bloons TD 6, that is precisely what you're getting; a family-friendly game that is brightly colored and exciting for anyone in the family to play.

Plenty Of Map Options

As much as I love a good tower defense game, nothing is duller than having to reencounter the same enemies on the same map over and over again.

The development team for Bloons TD 6 definitely amped up the game by giving us twenty map options in which to play, and plenty of unique monkeys and towers to place around the map for an unstoppable defense system.

Because there are so many different maps, monkey soldiers, and towers to choose from, you can easily enjoy hours of gameplay on Bloons TD 6 without feeling bored or unchallenged.

Extensive, Yet Simple Upgrade System

If you think that the game doesn't sound like it could possibly get any better, just wait till you hear about the massive library of over 100 meta-upgrade options for your towers and monkeys.

Where many games have complicated systems set up to upgrade characters and weaponry, Bloons TD 6 keeps things simple by ditching the complicated jumbled mazes of upgrades for a much simpler path from one to the next in three different categories.

Each of the three paths offers different features and benefits to the characters or items in which they are added, but you can only choose one path per character; so choose wisely!

I think what I love the most about Bloons TD 6 is the "enemies" you fight against. The lower levels start off with regular, birthday party-type balloons galavanting through the streets of your monkey's village, and you have to make sure to pop them all as they pass. As the game progresses though, those tiny little rubber balls of air turn into large, formidable fleets of blimps!

The biggest let down for me with Bloons TD 6 is that there is no option to play against another person, so you're stuck playing against the computer at all times.

Although this is not the worst thing in the world for a game, it is sort of disheartening that my husband and I couldn't challenge each other to see who has the better strategy at winning the game.

Overall, I would definitely recommend playing Bloons TD 6 if you are looking for an exciting game that's filled to the brim with nothing but wholesome fun and challenges; not to mention it's easy enough for the kids to play!

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