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Ice Bears are fascinating creatures. Their outer appearance, their habitat, their cuteness and their sheer size is unbelievable. There was a famous ice bear baby in a German Zoo a couple of years that was so adorable and so cute with every step it made. A game that features ice bears and penguins has to be filled with cuteness you would thin. But this game is taking a surprisingly different route.

When you download Bouncemasters, you are entering a world of little penguins trying to impress their best friend the ice bear by soaring through the air as far as they can. And by bouncing on sleeping, fat seals to go even further.

Angry Birds Concept

Imagine playing Angry Birds but in lieu of a sling shot, there's a large bird with a baseball bat that knocks your character into the stratosphere and then continues to move toward the love of its' life by bouncing on different shaped seals and the occasional fire bomb. It's a great game that doesn't require much skill, outside of timing which you will need to get a good blast from the start of the game.

Fun and Addictive

The game, while not holding much steam, is very fun and addicting. This is a terrific time monster. You can play it between classes, waiting on a bus, really any event that calls for you to have to wait. It's important to note the game does start off with an offer for a subscription for the "diamond" level, so be wary of this tactic as it can make you fall into a membership subscription you may not want.

Graphics and Feel

The game is similar to Angry Birds in terms of colorful, cartoon-like graphics. The graphics are very simple and necessary for this kind of game. The feel of the game is in it's fun and addictive play ability. This is where the game can really overtake you in it's lure. It's an incredibly fun game, but a definite time consumer. You really aren't aware of how much time is passing until after you play it. In games like these, you don't really base your decisions on the graphics. The game sucks you in so fast that the graphics don't matter. It's all about the playing.

A Great Game

It's the playing that makes the download of Bouncemasters worthwhile. It is simply a great game to play while cutting away the time. Bouncemasters reminds me of the games at a restaurant one would play to make time while waiting on a server or an order. It grabs you and pulls you in, and won't let you go without a fight. I suppose it's a good thing for all games to have this kind of lure for people. Otherwise, they wouldn't make it very far. Bouncemasters is definitely a good game worth checking out, but it's not the best out there. It might be the most addictive, but the overall play is weak if you are looking for a game that involves real strategy.


Bouncemasters is a great time monster game. It serves its purpose by trapping you and not letting you go after at least four or five rounds. Games like this are important because they are short, mindless little ventures that make up for lost time while waiting on a bus or between classes. Games like this are good stress reducers as well, because- hey you are hitting a penguin with a baseball bat. Prepare for heavy ad usage throughout the game. The game is fun to play, but not a challenge.

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Funny concept, absolutely addicting


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