Bully: Anniversary Edition

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Bully: Anniversary Edition

I’m sooo glad I’m done with high school. Aren’t you too? Sometimes it really felt like in the movies. There were so many groups. The jocks, the sports, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the glee club, the emos and a lot of others. Competition everywhere. But there where also nice moments, when you really would get to know people. I played the original Bully game on pc and it’s fascinating how much of this typical school atmosphere is represented in the original game. Does the mobile version have it all?

Rockstar Games has launched some of the most unique, hilariously tongue-in-cheek games that I have ever played. I remember one of the first games I played by Rockstar was the original Grand Theft Auto, and after that initial experience, I was a fan for life.

I also remember reliving the fantastic days of high school in Bully when it first launched for console years ago. Now that they have brought the game to the mobile market, I can enjoy standing up to bullies, playing pranks on teachers, and much more no matter where I decide to play.

When I downloaded the Bully App to my phone, I wasn't sure how well the graphics and controls were going to transfer, but the game is just as stunning and straightforward as I remember.

Immersive Graphics

If you've ever played a Rockstar game on console or PC, then you know just how detailed the development team gets when they design each game. The graphics are so realistic, in fact, that you will almost certainly feel as though you are actually dealing with a day of high school bullies and crazy teachers.

I noticed that the physics of the game were spot on as well; when playing basketball, football, or any of the other sports in the game Jimmy and the rest of the students will move exactly as they would if they were actually playing. Even though it is expected to have spot-on physics with a game as extensive as Bully, there are some development teams that just never get it right.

Standing Up To Bullies

I was always the shy kid in school that didn't speak up for myself, so naturally, I was a target for some bullying. Though I never went through anything traumatic or terrible, it still feels good to take retribution on the bullies in the game.

There are several ways you can do this, either literally pick a fight with them in the schoolyard, take them down in a boxing ring, or play a prank on them in front of the whole class.

Even though violence and stooping to a bullies level is never the way you want to go, it still feels good to defend the students in the game as Jimmy Hopkins.

Not For Kids

Yes, this game takes place in a high school, but I still wouldn't recommend downloading Bully App for your children if they are still in school.

There are a lot of undertones in the game that are not suitable for children, and it's definetly a game just for grown ups, even though it's situated in a school.

So, if you are parent thinking about getting this game for your kids, I would definitely look for a game more suitable.

The Bully App is such a fun way to kill time on my phone; I get to enjoy all the great graphics and craftsmanship of a top-rated Rockstar game while avenging that bullied little girl deep inside.

If you have an affinity for the wit and humor that comes with the Rockstar gaming franchise, then you absolutely have to try the Bully App for your smartphone or tablet.

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