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Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network.

I always had a hard time dating and finding new friends. I’m kind of a reserved and shy person. The idea of talking to strangers on the street, in a fancy night club or doing my groceries just is a nightmare to me. I do like to meet new people and I’m genuinely interested in meaningful conversations. That’s why I’m a big fan of modern dating. It’s so much easier to me to communicate with people, when we share interests or already confirmed (via swipe) that there is a mutual interest. Is bumble one of the best dating apps?

There are tons of apps out there that allow us to connect to people we would never meet if the technology didn't exist. However, most of those apps are designed to hook you up with people that are only looking for a date or a one night stand.

I had been looking for an app that would not only allow me to interact with people on a flirtatious level but would also provide an opportunity to network with peers in my field and meet new people on a platonic level.

When I heard about all the different ways you can meet people through Bumble, I knew I wanted to give the app a try. So, if you have been looking for one social app that will allow you to find a date, a friend, and new clients or business connections, then Bumble just might be the app for you.

Set Filters

One of my favorite things about Bumble is the filters that unlock as you put more details in your user profile. For example, if you're looking for a long-term commitment with someone special, why would you want someone that is only looking for a good time sliding into your DMs?

If you download Bumble, you get to set the limitations on who can and cannot contact you as well as choose which information you want to disclose about yourself.

Too Many Stale Profiles

My biggest disappointment in the app was probably how many stale or unused profiles there are in Bumble. After days of trying to find someone new to hang out with in my area, I could only find profiles of individuals who haven't used the app in an extensive period of time.

It would be my suggestion to the developers that any profiles that have not been actively signed in for over six months be removed completely from the app. It's just discouraging to users when they think they've found someone special only to find out that there is no way to contact them because the user no longer logs in to their account.

Not Enough Coverage

I assumed that an app like Bumble, which allows people to customize their social experience to filter out the unwanted callers, would have a widespread following but I was sadly mistaken.

It seemed that every time I tried to use Bumble to make a connection, all I could find was dead profiles and users who live so far away there is no feasible way of meeting them.

As far as social apps go, I would say that Bumble has a lot of potential, but it seems that the people who have tried using the app in the past grew impatient with waiting for other people to jump on board with the app.

At the end of the day, if more people started using the service, Bumble might actually transform the way we connect with the people around us. Not only would you be able to find a date for Friday night, but you'll also be able to make important business connections when searching for people to network with.

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Too many fake or unused profiles

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