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Life is hard. Sometimes you just need a distraction from your everyday routine. A break. Something completely unexpected that will make you smile. Laughter is healing and it’s proven that people who laugh a lot love a longer and happier life. BuzzVideo would call itself the funniest place in the internet. A community dedicated to laughs, funny things and humor. You’ll find videos, GIFs and everything that will make you smile.

On those tough days when you need something to make you laugh, having the right app on your phone can make all the difference with your mood. Recently, I took to the Google play store to find something to brighten those less than exciting days at work, or just something to give me humorous content to take in while I wait for something more amusing to come along.

Although you could just as easily head to Youtube to take in all of your video content, there are plenty of apps out there that offer a unique experience and may show you content you haven't seen yet.

From the description of the app, it sounded like I would get all this and more if I downloaded BuzzVideo, so I decided to give the app a try.

Unique Content

One of the first things I noticed about BuzzVideo was the plethora of unique content compared to the regurgitated nonsense I usually find on video streaming services. It was refreshing to see a whole new library of videos; everything from cute animal videos, to hilarious family-fail videos, and even heartfelt tear-jerking stories are found on BuzzVideo.

I am definitely happy to have found a new app that shows content I've never seen before, however, there is an issue with inappropriate content that sneaks onto the app, and I could do without that for sure. I suppose the risk of using a streaming service that is not as mainstream as YouTube is potentially seeing content that you might not want to see. Because of this, I would caution any parents who might want to download this for their kids to watch videos.

Comments Section Not For The Faint Of Heart

As one might expect from any media app, there is a healthy amount of activity on the comments sections for the content on BuzzVideo. Unfortunately, you can't expect to scroll through any comment section nowadays without running into a troll or two, or a political activist of some kind, or even racists and bigots.

Scrolling through the comments is a bad habit we all have, let's be honest with each other. However, reading all the hate, racism, and negativity that is laced within every comment on BuzzVideo is almost nauseating. I understand it's difficult to sensor millions of people, but there must be something the developers can do to tone down all the hate on their forums. After all, there are plenty of other comments they take down, so why not the racist and hateful ones?

Pop-Up Events

Possibly one of the most redeeming factors of the app, after reading all the hate in the comments section, is the random pop-up events that take place on BuzzVideo. The app calls them community activities, but essentially they post random invitations for users to post personal content to the app. Whether it's a video setting off fireworks on the 4th of July, or a scary prank for Halloween, you can expect to see plenty of fun activities to take part in if you use BuzzVideo.

BuzzVideo definitely has its ups and downs, but I appreciate the fact that the developers go out of their way to include unique content from all the other streaming services out there. I only wish they would use the same diligence with monitoring their community forums. If they can take down political opinion comments, they can most certainly remove the ones that bully other users or use hateful speech toward people for any reason.

Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who spends a lot of time scrolling through videos to entertain themselves, perhaps just steer clear of the comments section!

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