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Cashman Casino - Free Slots Machines & Vegas Games

There is so much exciting about Las Vegas. The shows, the lights, the luxurious hotels that offer the best buffets, restaurants and shopping venues. A lot of great entertainment you can indulge yourself in. Have you ever been to that wondrous, fun filled and adventurous city? Ever tried your luck, or had an entertaining trip with your friends? I still plan to go. But meanwhile the spirit of Las Vegas is available for everyone on their mobiles. Wanna spin the wheel of fortune?

I've only been to a casino a couple of times in my life, but the bright lights and spinning reels of a slot machine have always been intriguing and exciting to me.

I don't much care for the idea of throwing my hard-earned dollars into an unpredictable slot machine, however, so I tend to look for my casino experiences on the screen of my phone or tablet.

There are so many different casino inspired apps in the play store now, that it can be difficult to find one that doesn't try to rip you off. When I downloaded Cashman Casino, I had high hopes for the free app, but I soon found out that I should have kept looking!

Lacking Pizazz

One of the reasons that I love playing slot machine games so much is because of the beautiful animation of the reels. Typically, I can download nearly any casino app in the play store and enjoy stunning graphics and wild winning animations.

As much as they tried to nail this effect in Cashman Casino, the quality of the animations and graphics of the reels themselves just don't hold their own. A few of the slot machines in Cashman Casino are so muddily animated that you can barely tell what images are on the reels as they come to a stop.

More Underhanded Than A Casino

After downloading Cashman Casino, I realized that I might as well have saved up a small bankroll and just gone to the casino. Even though Cashman Casino gives you a rather hefty sign-up bonus, as most casino apps do, you run through those coins rather quickly and then the advertisements for the in-game store begin!

It seems as though the developers for Cashman Casino know exactly how to entice the wallet of a gambler. Although you don't have to put your money into the app, it has proven time and time again that the players who do spend real dollars end up progressing much farther and easier in the game.

Complacent Developers

As if the team nearly begging players for money wasn't irritating enough, the developers for Cashman Casino seem to have a problem with communication with their customers.

If you have any level of an issue in the game, whether it has to do with a purchase in the in-game store or a glitch you find in the reels, the developers will more than likely just send you a cookie cutter message about how they are sorry you are having a hard time and to have better luck in the future.

I don't want to hear that a creator is sorry about their faulty product, I just want the company to care about the product they sold to me and fix the problems therein.

Overall, Cashman Casino is one of the more disappointing casino applications I've tried. If you have the patience to ignore the constant request to spend your money in the app, then you just might find some entertainment in Cashman Casino, especially if you already have an affinity for the reels.

At the end of the day, however, I would caution players to steer clear of opening up their wallets to the app as many customers complain about spending their money and not receiving what they paid for.

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