Casino Slots: House of Fun™️ Free 777 Vegas Games

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Casino Slots: House of Fun™️ Free 777 Vegas Games

I want to surprise my grandma with a trip to Vegas one day. She is a big fan of bingo or likes to spin the wheel of fortune. She is also really good at it. Maybe some people have a lucky patron watching out for them. Whenever my grandma invites her friends for poker she’ll always be the lucky one taking the jackpot home. So who knows - if we ever make it together to Vegas, maybe we’ll have the luck on our side.

There are plenty of apps out there that promise to give you an authentic Las Vegas slot machine experience, but how many of them actually use the same machine designs you would find in the most famous casinos along the strip?

I recently heard about Casino Slots: House of Fun, and although I am not the biggest fan of gambling, I thought it sounded like a fun game to try. There is not a lot of pressure to spend real money in the game so you will not have to worry about temptation if you are prone to gambling problems.

Tons Of Options

Since I've never actually been to Las Vegas I had no idea what to expect as far as how many options I would have for choosing a slot machine to play. I was shocked to learn that over 180 machines were included in the House of Fun, and I couldn't wait to try them all!

I am so glad that they give you so many options when you download House of Fun because I'm not sure how long the same reels would remain appealing. Because every machine has its own style and wins system, there is always something new and stimulating to look at which keeps the game engaging.

Daily Bonus Wheel

Even though the game is free to download, you still have to have in-game currency to actually play. So, I was a bit concerned that the House of Fun would end up turning into a game of war of the wallets.

Luckily, when you initially create your account for House of Fun you will receive 100 free spins, which will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you want to keep on playing.

Once you run out of your 100 free spins there is a daily bonus wheel that will give you a specific number of free spins or in-game cash amount to put into the slots.

Save Money On Vacation

Now that I can essentially experience the true Las Vegas casino slot machine experience, I don't feel the need to book some fancy weekend trip to Sin City. I get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of spinning the reels without actually losing any of my money.

Although there is an in-game store for players to buy more in-game currency for spinning reels on slot machines, the development team doesn't put on a lot of pressure to spend money, which is great for people who are trying to sate the craving for a gambling addiction.

I've tried several different slot machine apps and although House of Fun promises a true Las Vegas experience, I have found other apps to be far more visually appealing when it comes to the video effects of the machines.

The slot machines in House of Fun, although bright and whimsical, don't have the same pizazz or flare that most of the other casino apps have, and I think that's what makes it just miss the five-star mark for me.

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