Cats & Cosplay TD: Defend the Kingdom Rush

Cats, Cosplay, Heros and monsters all united in one crazy game

Cats & Cosplay TD: Defend the Kingdom Rush

Cats & Cosplay TD: Defend the Kingdom Rush
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I’m more of a dog person. I like our furry little friends. They wear their heart on their sleeve, are honest, brave and cute. I never been a big cat fan. To me you just never know what you are dealing with. They can be friendly and charming in one second and be evil and fierce in the other. They just want food, and if you were in danger, they would possibly bail on you first. But there’s something mysterious and posh to those furry little creatures. Maybe that’s why they star in so many games.

Games the involve cats are kind of hard to take serious. Cats & Cosplay is a fun game that involves you, as the protagonist, protecting towers that you build with your cat from various enemies. These creatures can be slimers, dogs, birds, menacing things that disrupt the safety of your cat. The action makes you take it seriously in the end.

Traditional Side Scroller

The game is fun and addictive as a horizontal scrolling fighting game. Yes. I said fighting game. You punch the enemies while your cat also gets his shots in. The game, while incredibly easy, is mildly entertaining. It feels like there should be a more developed plot, but there is no real plot. You are just defeating enemies that threaten the towers built by you and your cat.

Although it sounds a little campy, it becomes a serious challenge once the monsters begin to multiply and become difficult to destroy. The real challenge is to knock them out with various weapons such as a plasma blast or a convenient land mine. This is effective, but when they come like a horde, they really come like a horde.

As you progress through through the game, you can go through various upgrades that improve your abilities. There are different upgrades that make you more intense in your attack on the enemies and help the defense of your towers built by you and your cat.

Fun for kids & retro fans

I recommend this game for elementary school age kids as there is some violence, but nothing like other popular games such as Fortnite. It is fun to play though not very challenging, and there is no strategy involved other than knowing where to place your weapons. Timing is of the essence as well. You must make the right move in the right time or the horde will defeat you.

Retro Retro Retro - 8 bit Invasion

Games like this remind me of the 8-bit classic NES games that were so fun to play as a kid. They are a throwback to the simple horizontal scrolling game and there is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes it's good to go back to the beginning and enjoy the nostalgic play of games that remind you of your youth, and the wonderful games you played when you were younger. This is only related to, of course, readers who were around when the classic NES was a popular, the most popular, gaming console. Those games weren't very keen on strategy or graphics, but they were super fun. This is the case with the download of Cats & Cosplay. The game is fun above anything else.

Cats & Cosplay is a great game for those interested in a non-challenging, shooter that is similar to those games you loved when you were younger. The point of the game is trying to save and defend your cat. Once you get so far, and defeat so many enemies, the cat gets a can of tuna. Ok. I know...kind of a strange setup, but it works for this kind of game. The game comes recommended for two age groups: those who are discovering games of our youth, and those who remember.

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Funny ideas & 8 bit Visuals
Funny soundtrack


Could be more challenging

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