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Choices: Stories You Play

When I was a kid I had beloved series of novels that I read over and over. It were novels where you would follow a story, and every other page you could make a decision how the story should continue. And whatever you chose, had a big impact on how the story unfolded. There were many genres you could choose from - romance, comedy, science fiction, horror and fantastic fairytales. Is this game the mobile version of these stories?

Some of my favorite books to read as a kid were the ones that let you pick what happened next in the story. Lately, I've noticed a new trend in the mobile gaming community that takes this same idea and applies it to digital stories that you can watch play out any way you choose.

Although there are some out there that only focus on teenage dramatics or scenarios of couples cheating on one another, I happened to stumble upon a title in the play store that offered much more.

When I downloaded Choices: Stories You Play, I initially expected it to turn into another teenage drama game. However, I soon found out there was far more depth to the game than what I expected.

Endless Options

Whether you are a hopeless romantic who feeds off of the drama of a good love story, or someone who enjoys the thrill and mystery of an exciting horror, there is something for everyone in Choices: Stories You Play.

I was surprised at how many different categories and titles were available in the vast library of digital novels. You can choose from an endless list of love stories, science fiction, horror, suspense, and so much more when you play Choices: Stories You Play.

Chapters Added Weekly

I expected each of the stories to last maybe half an hour and offer nothing more than that since the library of options is so extensive. However, after playing the game for a few weeks I noticed that the developers add new chapters to every story every two weeks.

Because these chapters are added so frequently, it's almost as if you are creating your own series as you continue each story. You can even start a story or episode over so that you can change your choices and create an entirely new storyline.

The only thing keeping me from playing this game all through the day and night is that your choices are limited unless you want to spend real money in the store to buy more, and there is no pressure to ever spend money in the Choices: Stories You Play!

Not A Cash Grab

Typically, mobile games nowadays have a ton of ways to bleed you dry, and most of them take the opportunity every chance they get. The development team for Choices: Stories You Play, are constantly adding new ways for players to earn in-game items that allow them to advance in their story, or collect new episodes to play. It's so refreshing to have found a game that not only offers a truly free-to-play experience but Choice: Stories You Play also gives players a pressure-free experience as well.

You never have to worry about overbearing advertisements or constant requests to spend your hard earned dollars in the in-game store when you download Choices: Stories You Play.

At the end of the day, this has got to be one of the most entertaining mobile apps I have on my device right now. I can't get enough of the intriguing stories and even more interesting characters.

I love that I can choose what my avatar looks like because it gives me an even more immersive experience when choosing what I want to happen in each story. My only complaint with this feature, however, would be that you can only choose between four standard faces, so having a few more options for customization would make the game that much more enjoyable and immersive. If you are sick of playing the same old games on your phone, why not head to the play store and give Choices: Stories You Play a try!

Choices: Stories You Play Pros & Cons


So many options
New stories every week


Could use a few more choices in the custom Avatar Design process

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