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My office is always a mess. I have tons of papers piled up, files I need to work with on my desktop without any system, mail flying around and leaflets covering up the important stuff. That’s why I started to have my daily office on my phone. It’s way quicker to work with and it’s easier to keep organized. I use a couple of apps that make it easy for me to be on track and get everything done. I don’t need my home office anymore and wanted to throw out all the stuff now to make room for a gym. Maybe Citrix Workspace will give me even more time to do that?

Citrix Receiver is now known as Citrix Workspace, but there may be a few things about the app that feel different to users. Citrix Workspace is made for busy professionals who need a means in which to take their office with them on the go. Now that I have downloaded Citrix Workspace, I don't have to worry about missing out on any work or letting my clients and coworkers down.

All of the files and programs that you use to run your business or perform tasks for your office are compiled for you in one convenient space in Citrix Workspace. The idea is to be able to access any of your documents no matter where you are, which is an extremely convenient feature.

Gesture Reminders

Because there are so many specific documents and apps available for use in Citrix Workspace, there are tons of different gestures you'll need to use to navigate the app. At first, the idea of having to remember a bunch of different hand motions to work the app seemed daunting, until I realized that every time I opened the app, there was a straightforward, clear reminder of how to perform each gesture.

After you get all the motions down, you can choose to turn off this reminder if you don't want to see it every time you open up the app. I for one, find it extremely helpful as there are several motions to learn.

Keeping The Wheels Of Industry Turning

The greatest aspect of Citrix Workspace is that it really does help to keep things running smoothly when you can't be in the office. There is nothing more frustrating than being separated from your workgroup, either due to injury, illness, or otherwise; and not being able to complete projects or communicate clearly with one another.

I love that everything I use in the office on my computer is easily accessible on the screen of my phone since I've downloaded Citrix Workspace. I am able to clearly communicate what I am working on with my teammates, and I can continue working on projects alongside them, even if I can't be in the office physically.

Buggy & Unreliable

The Citrix Workspace app could really be an amazingly beneficial tool, if only it worked flawlessly every time. At times, the companies who choose to use the service to create a seamless working experience for their employees will misunderstand how to set up the user interface, and so it can be confusing to navigate or function.

Most of the time, however, the app will freeze or crash when trying to access documents or open applications, which is completely frustrating, to say the least.

It seems as though as the years go by and more and more updates are done to the Citrix application, the less likely it is to work smoothly. Now, you can expect to run into blank screens, error messages or the app closing down on you entirely.

Overall, the intentions implied by the developers at Citrix Workspace are excellent, and the app is most certainly a game changer when it works. There lies the problem; the app is far too unpredictable for companies to rely on it for their employees. If the developers did a bit of tweaking and made the app more user-friendly for corporations to work with, then the app would be invaluable.

If you do work for a company that uses Citrix Workspace, it may be worth downloading to see if your device will work better with the program. After all, the issues we all have with apps are not always the fault of the people who create them.

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A lot of good features for office management


Buggy & not stable

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