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I always tend to finish things Last Minute. I know, it’s kind of a bad habit. But I kind of need the pressure to get things done. Sounds familiar? Welcome to the club. I had a really stressful experience the other day, where I needed printouts for some documents for a presentation. Nobody had access to the printers, there were no cables and I just had an email on my phone with the presentation file. An app literally saved my life, cause I was able to print everything in the end. Phew.

Although I can't think of many reasons why I would want to print documents from a device that is nowhere near my printer, I suppose there are certain situations where it could be useful. I recently discovered Cloud Print and decided to see exactly what the app had to offer. I found it strange that I didn't have to download Cloud Print as the Google play store indicated that it was already installed on my device.

Although I had a very difficult time locating it on my phone, I eventually discovered the hidden gem and went to work with testing out its performance.

Save Multiple Printers

If there could only be one thing that I could talk about with this app, it is the ability to save any and all of the printers that you use right in the app. So, next time you have to print something for someone back at the office or print something for your spouse or children at home, simply choose the location of the printer you are intending to use and forget about it!

Keeping Track

If you are anything like me and have a million things going on at once on any given day, then I'm sure you have encountered a problem at least once or twice that threw you off course.

Luckily, when I need to send an important document I can easily check the status of all of my print jobs at once. This way, if one of them doesn't go through, I immediately know to resend the job or contact the person that was expecting it, to fix an issue with the printer.

When I used to work in an administrative office setting, I hated when I would send a page to the printer for someone only to find out hours later that they didn't get the printed document.

Having the ability to check on print jobs ensures that you will never miss a deadline and nobody will ever be left hanging because you couldn't get to the office.

Sneaky Business Practices

Now for the ugly part of the app. The first red flag should have been that I didn't even download Cloud Print onto my phone or computer, and yet it was already present on both of them without my knowledge.

I assumed it was an app that came stock with my devices, so I didn't think very much of it until I started hearing complaints from other users. Another strange thing I noticed about the Cloud Print app is that you typically have a hard time finding it unless you are actively trying to print something.

It's as if the developers made this a hidden app so that customers couldn't find it on their devices to delete it. This is possibly the biggest red flag for me, as Google has its hand in nearly everything on our devices now. Consider that every time you print a document through Cloud Print, your documents are maybe uploaded on a server that could be monitored or observed, which is a small security breach in my eyes.

If it weren't for that, I might actually think this was a decent app for people with busy office jobs. However, I struggled to find a need for this app, as I am typically a short distance away from whoever needs paperwork from me.

At the end of the day, if you don't care who is looking at your documents, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are just too many monstrous people in the world to trust my personal information cruising through the cloud all the time.

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Enables wireless printing anywhere


Not convinced if it is a 100% secure & encrypted

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