Who will solve the murder first?

When I grew up my favorite evenings where our board game nights. The whole family would come together. We would prepare dinner all together and make our favorite dishes. Then we would sit down and play all kinds of games together. The whole evening without curfew. We kids could stay awake as long as we wanted, and the whole family had such a blast. It was a family tradition that brought us closer together.

Clue is the all-time most popular mystery game ever made, and I love that I can now play this favorite on my mobile device! I always liked the idea of feeling as though I was a vital detective following the clues to a sinister criminal when playing Clue with my family or friends as a child, so it's fun to revisit those memories as I play the game as an adult.

The mechanics are so simple in this mobile version of the mystery classic that you could easily download Clue for any member of the family to play. Another notable mention about Clue is that if you do decide to download it for your kids, you won't have to worry about gory images or inappropriate content as everything is kept as PG as possible!

The Good...

When you play a traditional board game you receive all instructions, pieces, and equipment needed to play the game, so you shouldn't expect anything less from a mobile version of one!

I was so concerned that I would have to keep track of all the various clues and suspects in my head, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the traditional clue sheets were included in the interface!

It seems like a small thing to be excited about, but having the tools necessary to play a game properly can be the defining factor in whether or not you love or hate a title.

The Bad...

As lovely as it is to have found a game which is a beautiful rendition of a classic favorite, it's a bit disheartening that it seems to be oversimplified at times.

Although simple can be good if you have kids playing a game, it can become rather dull very quickly for adults. I found that when starting a new murder mystery, it did not take many card plays at all for one of the six players to find the culprit.

I didn't think much of this initially, as I assumed it was a fluke, but after continued games with too-fast endings, I became bored quickly.

With that said, if you have small children who enjoy solving mysteries, you should download Clue for them as it will not be overly complicated for them to navigate and the short match times will keep their interest longer.

The Ugly...

Sigh. One of the most frustrating things to encounter when playing a game you enjoy is not being able to utilize all the features of that game; especially if you paid for it!

That's right, you have to pay to download the game, which I wouldn't mind at all if I could use all of the functions. For example; I wanted to invite my husband, brother, and cousin to a friendly game, but the online multiplayer feature would not connect us. After doing a little research on the matter, it seems this issue is common with the mobile version of Clue. So, if you are going to purchase the game, keep in mind that there are a few bugs that you may encounter with the online connectivity.

For the most part, I would say Clue is an excellent game for kids. The navigation and controls are simple enough for any child to handle, and each mystery only lasts a few minutes so they won't get bored with it too quickly.

I could probably get past the super fast solves if it weren't for the random bugs and connectivity issues for the multiplayer option. Although the developers seem to smooth out problems when they occur, they seem to continue to pop up even after being previously fixed.

Clue Pros & Cons


The traditional board game
Multiplayer Mode ( if it works)


Difficulty is too easy in the mobile version
Some major glitches even in the paid version

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