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Match the colors to cross the obstacles

Color Switch

Can you imagine how it feels to be colorblind? It’s hard for me to imagine. One of my classmates is colorblind and he tried to describe it ones. It must be strange if the color green or red doesn’t look like it’s supposed to look. Colors are a powerful tool. They make us feel specific things, relax us, give us energy or warn us of danger. A color based casual game sounds interesting. Is it?

We found a game that made us want to scream in frustration and cheer in celebration all in one session of play, and we can't wait to share our thoughts with you.

One of the best times to lay back and relax with an entertaining mobile game is at the end of a long day when you're crawling into bed for the evening.

However, sometimes the bright graphics of a game can hurt our eyes and make playing uncomfortable. Luckily, Color Switch gives you a dark background to play against, so you won't be squinting against a bright white background when you play.

When you download Color Switch onto your smartphone or tablet, you'll love the various puzzles which give you colorful obstacles to work around. Remember, whichever color your ball is, that is the only color you can move through until a new color appears.

Timing & Patience Are Everything

We absolutely love puzzle games, but Color Switch seems to have created a whole new puzzle monster for us to slay, and we love it! Nearly every obstacle in each stage of Color Switch moves and intertwines with at least three other colors; so, it's essential to have a certain level of patience about you when working through each level.

Keep in mind that Color Switch is deceptively simple; meaning that just when you think you've got the rhythm of the movements of the obstacles, it throws a wrench in there to throw you off.

If you don't keep level-headed when playing Color Switch, then you just might find yourself replaying levels over and over. Timing is everything when moving through each challenge. So, if you think you can reach the highest score with your amazingly high patience level, then head to the app store to download Color Switch.

Reach For The Stars

Puzzle games are always more fun when there is something difficult to obtain that you must try to collect along your journey. Color Switch has stars sprinkled throughout each stage of the game which you are to collect and use as a sort of in-game currency.

This is another reason why patience and timing are so crucial when playing Color Switch. We found that if we tried to rush through a level as fast as possible that we would end up passing stars we couldn't go back for, which is no good!

Once you've collected a decent number of stars, you can use them in the in-game shop to purchase various unique balls which offer different effects and benefits during gameplay.

Fresh Content Added Every Update

It's not often we find a developer that actually works to keep their game at the top of the market. Color Switch is blessed to have a team that creates new levels and newly designed balls to be launched with every update.

So, if you are tired of finding an entertaining mobile game that you end up beating way too quickly, then make sure to play Color Switch so you'll never get bored again!

Color Switch has so many fun features, but the one we love the most has to be the continuous dark mode the game seems to be set in. Most of the time when we play a game on our phones it's in the evening when the light is not as plentiful, so it's much more comfortable to play games with a darker setting.

Another notable mention about Color Switch is that there are several modes in which you can play the game, and these are also updated with every new patch, so there is always something fun around the corner!

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Addictive gameplay
Pretty hard to put down


Can get frustrating in the higher levels

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