Construction Simulator 2

Build a whole town from scratch with original building vehicles.

Construction Simulator 2

Have you played with construction vehicles when you were little? I loved cartoons like Bob the Builder and toys that you could build with. There is something fascinating like a building site. You can create literally anything if you use the right tools. Houses, skyscrapers, buildings, roads, streets and highways. Building stuff is fun for kids and adults alike and this new simulation has some really appealing features.

As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than grabbing up all of my Tonka trucks and heading out to the yard with my older brother to pretend we were building something amazing! I've always had a sort of wondrous fascination for heavy machinery, but I never had the guts or opportunity to learn how to operate anything bigger than a mere forklift.

Now that I'm a bit too old for playing in the dirt with toy trucks, I have turned to the mobile gaming industry to get my construction fix! When I found Construction Simulator 2 in the Google play store, I knew I had come across something really special.

Realistic Experience

I was worried that once I downloaded Construction Simulator 2 that it would feel too much like a child's game for me to enjoy it. However, I was shocked to see how detailed and realistic everything looked in the game.

Not only is the landscape and background animated to perfection, but each one of the 40 licensed pieces of machinery seems to shine as though they just left the car wash!

I love that the artists working on this game took the time to really make everything work as it would in real life. You can see the dust flying out of trucks as they are filled with materials, hear the crunch of gravel beneath massive tires, and so much more.

Tons Of Work

Though it might not sound appealing to have work waiting for you when you open up a game on your phone, Construction Simulator 2 has over 60 jobs for you to choose from!

Whether you want to repair a damaged canal in the city, build a new apartment complex or transfer materials from one site to another, there will always be plenty for you to experience when you download Construction Simulator 2.

Although I don't have kids of my own yet, I can imagine this being the perfect game to transition them to when they get sick and tired of playing with tiny plastic cars.

Open World To Explore

What I love about this game is that there are so many different places to go to. It's almost as if you get the full MMO experience without all the noise and static of other players running around the place.

You can choose to embark on a new job or drive around aimlessly to see where you could be of some help. No matter which way you choose to play the game, you are sure to have a blast roaming through the world of Construction Simulator 2.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games to play on my phone after a long day. Ironically, going through the mundane tasks of building, tearing down, and transporting goods and materials is rather calming and relaxing.

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has children that enjoy watching big machinery at work, especially if they are getting a bit too old for toy cars and trucks.

Although there are many things I deeply enjoy in Construction Simulator 2, there are a few changes I would suggest the developers make to improve the overall feel of the game. More than one camera option would be fantastic as players could choose to see the world through the eyes of his or her character as they drive from one location to the next.

There are also a few spots in the game where the equipment doesn't fit where it should, which forces the character to take a much longer route to get to the job site. As these are my only negatives found within the app, I'm sure you will agree that the small price to buy the game is well worth it!

Construction Simulator 2 Pros & Cons


Original & licensed Vehicles
Huge Open World
Very detailed Simulation


Camera options limited
A few bugs with certain tools

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