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I was one of these kids that actually liked school. I had nice classmates and cool friends and was a big fan of a lot of subjects. I enjoyed history, math, computer study, arts, physics and anything else - but sports. The only subject where I felt humiliated and weak everytime I went there. Our teacher was terrible and did a good job of not motivating me to change my opinion.

For years I have been wanting to lose weight and become a healthier, more active, version of myself. However, I find it's most difficult to motivate myself to do things, especially if I am taking on a challenge alone. Actually putting in the work is the simple part, it's getting off of your butt and starting that's the most difficult for most people.

I have seen several workout and lifestyle apps around, but never have I seen one with quite as much appeal as Couch to 5k. I love that everything I need to burn calories is conveniently located on my phone and that the app will take care of keeping me motivated with fun coaching options.

Choose A Trainer

Many apps have tried and failed to motivate me, usually because their idea of motivation is flashing a quick badge and positive feedback through text. Though these are great and probably work wonderfully for people who can be easily motivated; but, I needed something more!

There are four different coaches to choose from; you can choose a laid back motivator like Constance, or perhaps you'd like someone with a bit more grit, like Sergeant Block.

I personally love using the Runicorn coach; he is not only hilarious and fun to look at, but Runicorn makes sure to keep me on my toes with motivation too!

Listen To Music In The App

If there is only one thing I need besides water when working out, it's a good playlist. When I downloaded Couch To 5k I never expected that I would be able to listen to music through the app as well, but I was pleasantly surprised to see several playlist options available.

Another audio feature I enjoy in Couch to 5k is the cues from my coach while I'm walking or running. See, the whole point of Couch to 5k is to teach people like me how to start incorporating running into their lifestyle without doing too much all at once.

While you're walking or running your coaches voice will alert you to changes you need to make in pace or let you know when it's time to switch from running to walking or vice versa.

Progress Tracker

The most convenient feature of the Couch to 5k app is the tracking system. You will never have to worry about logging your steps or mileage when using the app unless, of course, you are using a treadmill.

I love that I can look back from week to week to see how far I've progressed. Everything from how fast I was walking, to the steps I took and the distance traveled, are included when you download Couch to 5k.

I would highly recommend purchasing Couch to 5k for anyone who wants to become healthier and have fun while walking or running. This is also a great service for those who are training for a 5k, as that is the primary reason for the creation of the app.

There was only one issue I found with Couch to 5k and that is the accuracy of the GPS map. You are supposed to be able to see exactly where you walked on a map of your area, but it doesn't always show you exactly where you traveled.

Although this could just be an issue with my device or where I live, it's a little frustrating that I can't keep track of my movements on the map like I should be able to.

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Very useful features
Clean interface


GPS map is not precise

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