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CSR Racing 2

My dad is a big fan of the formula 1 races. He knows the name of every driver, knows how fast every specific car can go, knows all the teams and all the different car brands by heart. He has a huge collection of every speed record, all the amazing records the drives achieved since the first race. He always wanted to try out how it feels to drive in the racing car. Maybe CSR Racing 2 is the first step to that...

I have played many racing games over the years, most of which have been on a console or PC, but I recently discovered a title in the mobile play store that seemed to be just as impressive.

CSR Racing 2 not only delivers some of the most impressive graphics I have seen in any racing game for the mobile industry, but the game also gives players the opportunity to restore and race over 200 of the most coveted rides known to man!

Another one of the features that truly impressed me with this title in the augmented reality section of the game. Now you can find out what it's like to actually own and drive a classic car like the Judge, and Aston Martin DB5, and so many more.

Restore Classics

Every racing game I have ever played has offered some form of customization for the cars you acquire in the game. I expected much of the same when I downloaded CSR Racing 2, but I never imagined the developers would include options to make it feel as though you are restoring the classics as well.

I've always wondered what it would be like to come across an old rusty classic and bring it back to its former glory with a bit of hard work and elbow grease. Well, now that I have started playing CSR Racing 2, I can enjoy all the fun of restoring a car without having to put a lot of money or time into it.

Choose How To Play

With so many different styles of racing games, I'm never entirely sure what to expect when I download something new. Typically, you can either have to play on your own with CPUs or the game forces you to play with other players.

Assuming that I would be stuck with one or the other, I was surprised to find that I had a choice as to how I wanted to play the game. I typically like to practice racing games before I party up with other players, so I enjoyed being able to test out different cars with CPU drivers to get the hang of the game.

I was impressed that a mobile racing game would give me the option to invite my friends and family to play along, but I was even more surprised that we could all join a club and truly drive around the game together.

Quality Graphics & Customization

The first thing that caught my attention in the play store was the impressive graphics and customization options available in the game. I expected to be able to change vinyl, paint, and maybe add a few flashy lights and other cosmetics, but CSR Racing 2 truly allows players to restore each vehicle completely.

Not only will you be able to restore a rusty looking classic to its original glory, but you can also customize the rims, brake calipers, interior trim, and so much more.

CSR Racing 2 is truly one of the most stunning racing games I have played that didn't launch on a popular console. I love that the developers have included a sizeable garage for players to house their cars in. I was afraid that the number of cars you could have at once would be limited but was excited to see I could work on upgrading multiple vehicles at once.

There are only a few times that I have lagged while racing other players, but other than those rare moments, I haven't found much to complain about when playing CSR Racing 2. So, if you are ready to play a racing game that you can play on the go and won't bore you with monotony, then head to the play store and download CSR Racing 2!

CSR Racing 2 Pros & Cons


Best visuals in a mobile racing game so far
Highly detailed customization


Occasional lagging in online matches

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