Cytus II

A unique journey filled with music in a cyberpunk world

I was such a big fan of the wii console. Especially the best music game I have ever played - guitar hero. Me and my friends had such a blast hitting the right notes, playing rhythms and feeling like we were in a real rock band. There haven’t been a lot of games since then that could immerse you with the power of music in such a wonderful way. The Cytus Series takes a different approach. Is it a compelling one?

Cytus II is a riveting musical adventure which features an active judgment line game style with some of the best music found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States.

The storyline follows a mysterious DJ who is throwing a festival and showing his face to the world for the first time. The anime sequences between each of the challenging yet thrilling rhythmic games are a welcome break from the intensity of each level.

If you love music as much as I do, and have an affinity for watching really good anime, then you must head to the play store on your device to download Cytus II.

Unique Game Style

What really drew me into Cytus II is the incredibly unique style in which the game is played. Players have to stay quick on their feet if they want to progress in Cytus II as the active judgment line is fast moving and unforgiving.

The bright colors of the game board and thrilling upbeat music keep you deeply immersed as you desperately try to keep up with the moment of the rhythm in each level.

If there was any title I could compare this game too, it might be Dance Dance Revolution. I say this because the speed in which your fingers have to dance along your screen remind me of the frenzy of feet on a DDR pad.

Massive Song Library

When I initially downloaded Cytus II, I assumed that all of the songs that came with the reasonably priced game would be included in the library. Although there are well over 100 songs to choose from, only about 40 of those are free to play when you start the game.

Most of the content in Cytus II is pay to play, but a new character has been introduced that will allow players to have access to more free songs, just in case they don't have as deep of a wallet as some others.

Each character in the Cytus story is accompanied by a unique genre of music, so depending on the character you choose to play as you might enjoy Rock & Roll, Dubstep, Orchestral, and several other categories.

Well-Balanced With Cutscenes

Cytus II would be in danger of becoming dull and repetitive rather quickly if it weren't for the immersive storyline that follows AEsir and his mysterious career. After each intense musical round of Cytus II, players can enjoy a beautifully animated cutscene which unlocks a continuation of the story.

Initially, I was afraid that the cutscenes would frustrate me as I don't tend to like a lot of disruptions when I'm playing a game, but they were a welcome break from the intensity of the flashing lights and quick moving judgment line.

Overall, I would say that Cytus II is one of the most interesting titles to hit the Google play store in quite some time. The actual style of gameplay is unlike anything I've ever experienced in the mobile gaming industry, and the music which is chosen for each level is perfectly curated to keep you immersed in the game.

My only complaint would be how expensive the game can turn out to be if you choose to unlock all of the content. If there was a way to put in more hours to unlock the DLC content, then I probably wouldn't mind as much.

However, when I pay less than five dollars for a game and the combined DLC is almost seven times what I paid to download the game, there's something wrong with the system. However, there is a decent selection of free content if you don't care to put so much money into the game.

Cytus II Pros & Cons


Intriguing concept


Expensive, if you buy a lot of content

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