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I’m obsessed with interior design. When we moved in a new house a little while ago, it became my daily mission to find the best and nicest decoration for our house. Each room was a new challenge. I had to find a matching theme and then kept browsing for items on Pinterest or in local stores. It’s fun and a nicely decorated room can change the whole feel of a house. I absolutely love that there is a game for design freaks like me now - but is it any good?

In high school, I had the unique opportunity to learn the very basics of the advertising art & design industry by attending a vocational school. In that time, I discovered I had a knack for interior design, and I've loved it as a hobby ever since.

Because I did not pursue design as a career, I often have the urge to do some decorating, without having the means to do so. I have tried to find design games in the past, but most of them require you to spend most of the time on matching puzzles, and that's not what I want to do!

I downloaded Design Home because it offers exactly what I am looking for in a design game! No silly matching puzzles to complete, no mandatory mini-games for in-game currency to buy decorations, just designing beautiful spaces!

Stunning Graphics

One of the things that concerned me the most about finding a good design game was whether or not the graphics would look realistic enough to feel like a true design simulation.

When you play Design Home, the first thing you will notice is how lifelike the 3D animation appears in the game. Design Home was developed for adults who have an affinity for design, so each item and every space in which to design is all carefully curated to give you the most authentic design experience.

Design Challenges

One of my favorite things to do in Design Home is to take part in the daily design challenges. Every day that I log into Design Home for a new relaxing session of designing, there is a unique daily challenge waiting for me!

Now, the daily challenges are by no means mandatory, but they are a great way to get new ideas and spread your creative wings a bit.

Each challenge has a specific theme and users are encouraged to vote on their peers' designs to see who is the most popular on the leaderboards. If you happen to find yourself among the most popular designs, you will win a special bonus toward designing your own space!

I love the addition of specific challenges because it helps me to think outside of the box or design in a way I hadn't thought of before. Another great way to get ideas is to browse through the other user-created content in the app.

Buy What You Love

As if I couldn't love Design Home anymore, the developers have added the ability to purchase any of the decor and furnishings you use to design your digital room.

That's right, every single piece of furniture and decor in Design Home is an exact replication of an actual designer piece that you can purchase. If you complete a room in the game and want to transform your actual home, all you have to do is click on the items and the app will take you to a site where you can buy that exact piece!

One caution I would like to throw out there is to parents. Because Design Home was developed specifically for adults who share an affinity for interior design, there is not much in the app to keep children entertained. On top of that, you could find yourself in a bit of a financial mess if your kids get ahold of the app and don't understand that they could be spending your real money on furniture instead of digital pieces.

Although there is an option to turn off the in-game store, I would still be careful with letting your kids play on the game by themselves. For design loving adults like me, it is a highly detailed game, that keeps me entertained and in touch with the latest design trends

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Real design pieces to choose from
In-game design store for real furniture


Nothing for kids

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