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It’s always good to exercise your brain. Never stop evolving. My grandma always told me it’s the best to read at least one page of the encyclopedia every evening before you go to sleep. That’s a great thing to do. It doesn’t take a long time, but you will learn a lot from it. Also about stuff that you don’t know or that is not in your direct field of interest. So you’ll be challenged by new topics and that good for your brain and overall knowledge. Who knew that you can have a smart encyclopedia on your phone too?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has been a valuable tool to assist with vocabulary development for decades, but now that I'm an adult who is pursuing the dream of writing professionally, I need all the help I can get!

Merriam-Webster now has a mobile app that is helping people identify new words and strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary and it is absolutely brilliant!

I assumed that it would basically act as a digital dictionary when I downloaded Merriam-Webster, but I received so much more than I expected. If you are a student, professional writer, or simply want to build on your vocabulary, then stick around and I'll tell you all you need to know about Merriam-Webster.

Word Of The Day

I remember every time my parents went out on a date night when my brother and I were kids, my Uncle would watch us and play unique little games with us.

For some reason, one of my favorite things to do was play the word of the day game. My Uncle would teach us a new word and we had to see how many times we could feasibly use it in a sentence before the night was through.

Now, the Merriam-Webster app gives me this same exercise, but on a daily basis and I'm sure with more challenging words than the ones my Uncle presented me with as a child. I learn how to pronounce the word, what it means, and how to properly use it in a sentence. It's definitely been a helpful exercise to sprinkle new words into my everyday speech.

Train With Games

It's not always fun to just memorize words and their meanings, so Merriam-Webster has included several word games that will spice up your brain training sessions.

One of my favorite games in Merriam-Webster is the one where you have to pick the synonym for the word displayed. This one keeps me on my toes because I'm always searching for the synonyms to words in order to write with more fluidity.

I love that the developers of the Merriam-Webster app thought to include games in the features as I think it will be an invaluable tool for modern day students. I know it would have been a huge help to me as a kid in English class!

Keep Track Of Your Progress

I was pleased to see that the app keeps track of all of my work in the games and taking tests to see how well I actually know my vocabulary and grammar.

The user interface is simple enough to navigate and isn't bogged down with a lot of confusing icons or controls. Since any age of student could easily benefit from the app, it's a breath of fresh air to see the simplicity and ease in which one can use the app.

In this day and age, with mumble rappers, children having problems in our school systems, and an overall disregard for proper grammar, it seems almost necessary to arm ourselves with an app like Merriam-Webster. After a day of texting and abbreviating words and twisting them to create new meanings with slang, it can be refreshing to get back to the proper way of using English vocabulary.

If you are a student or have a budding student in your household, it would only benefit you to give Merriam-Webster a shot. After all, what could it hurt to brush up on your vocabulary?

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