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Discord promises to become the new Teamspeak, in a much improved fashion. Ever since I started gaming online (Which was a long time ago), there was a need to be able to communicate with guild mates or team members in-game to complete whatever tasks you're working on together. But also a huge need to have a community and meeting point outside the game where you could shoot the "dirt", or plan new adventures. Discord combines both in an easy-to-use interface with many awesome, and some not so awesome (yet), features!

Discord is yet another one of the amazing apps that keeps gamers and gaming enthusiasts connected no matter where they are in the world. The online gaming community is enormous, so being able to download an app to keep in touch with all of your gamer friends can be crucial.

I have played many MMORPGs over the years, and plenty of FPS and action games where I've needed to keep in close and reliable contact with the other players on my team.

There have also been many chatting services that have come and gone through my arsenal, but I knew I had found a winner when I downloaded Discord onto my phone to keep in touch with my friends.

See What Your Friends Are Playing

One of the features of Discord that I wish was part of all gaming apps is the ability to see which of your friends are currently playing, and what game they are in.

Typically, if you sign into one of these services and see some of your gamer friends in a party chat, it's safe to assume that they are completing a mission together, or some other in-game task. Without knowing which game they are playing or what they are talking about, however, can make it a bit awkward to jump into the channel.

When you download Discord, it's like having a one-stop location to check up on all of your gamer friends, no matter what platform or title they might be playing!

Cross-Platform Notifications

If you have played games on multiple consoles, then you know just how frustrating it can be to not be able to play a game with your friends or talk to them because of being on another console or game.

Now, Discord will send you real-time notifications about when your friends log into a game, which title they're playing, and what platform it's being played on.

Take all the guesswork out of what your friends are up to by receiving cross-platform notifications. This always means that you will never again miss out on an exclusive loot run or another major event because of miscommunication.

Choose How To Talk

Though you might think that you just have to talk for your voice to be picked up in Discord, there are actually two different options on how to use the app.

I personally dislike the voice activation option because every little sound in the background trips my mic and everyone on the channel can hear what's going on in my house. Although I don't have anything to be ashamed of, I know that I can't stand when I can hear other players TV, radio, or noisy family members or friends in the background.

When you choose Discord for your gaming communication, you will have the option to tell the app to pick up your voice on speaking, or you can select a unique button that will activate the microphone.

I love using Discord to talk to all of my gaming friends because unlike many of the other chatting apps out there, I can actually tell what everyone is doing and what platform their playing on.

My only complaint would be the random bugs with the audio and the fact that people can lock you out of a room if they want to. I do understand why the feature exists, but it can be quite frustrating when other players lock you out of a chat session because they are being petty or just bullying you.

Overall, I would highly recommend Discord to any gamer who is looking for a convenient means of keeping in touch with their fellow players.

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Easy to participate in many communities
Easy to set up your own server/community
Mostly free and very little ads


Markdown not fully supported
Code highlighting can be off at times
Awkward to quote others, doesn't really work

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