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It’s a small world after all. I don’t know a lot of people who could resist the wonderful magical world of Walt Disney. Colorful, imaginative movies for the whole family. I can’t seem to pick my most beloved movie. There are just too many of them. Cinderella, Frozen, The beauty and the beast and Arielle are just a few of them. And also Disney has the best Tv Shows for kids. Is their new app perfect for the whole family?

For as long as I can remember, I have been one of the biggest Disney fans on the planet. So, when I heard about the DisneyNOW app in the play store, I knew I had to download it. Because the multi-billion dollar company has produced so many amazing things throughout my lifetime, I expected really great things from this app.

Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed with the content, the responsiveness, and the overall performance of the app. However, I suppose I could see where a newer generation of Disney fans might enjoy the content of the app. However, there are other problems with downloading the DisneyNOW app that even new fans can't ignore.

Disorganized Content

I fully expected to be able to binge a ton of Disney shows on my day off of work, and although there were several episodes to choose from, everything was strangely out of sync.

With most streaming services, you get a clear and concise library in which to browse the content. However, when you choose the show you want to watch on DisneyNOW, the app seemingly throws all of the available episodes into a list and leaves you to your own devices to find the episode and season you want.

This makes no sense to me because every other app I have ever used to watch a TV show has had the episodes in subsequent order. Not only do you have to scroll through a giant list of episodes to find the ones you want, but there isn't even an autoplay feature to keep the videos rolling one after another. I can't imagine how frustrating this would be for a child if it infuriates me this much as an adult!

Removes Nostalgic Content

Initially, when I downloaded the DisneyNOW app, I expected to be able to watch all of the shows I remember watching when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I found that only a small number of episodes were available for the more nostalgic shows from the late 90s and early 2000s, and suddenly, they were removed altogether!

It's really disappointing that I expected to be able to watch all of my favorite Disney Channel content, and the only shows that seem to be available are all the new ones that don't feel like Disney at all.

I suppose there could be worse things about an app, but as a life-long Disney fan, it's disappointing that they only cater to certain viewers.

Extremely Buggy

As if the lacking and disorganized content wasn't enough, you will also have to deal with bug after bug when dealing with the DisneyNOW app. Don't worry though, the developers will make sure to respond to your complaint in the forums, just don't expect anything to get done about it.

When you download an app like DisneyNOW, you typically have to sign in with a service provider to access shows. Which, in my opinion, essentially means you are paying for your content at the end of the day.

Too many times I've tried to log in with my provider's information and the entire app has either shut down on me or given me an irritating error message.

I really wanted to enjoy the DisneyNOW app, but there are just too many problems with it. I suppose if you have the patience to deal with clearing your cache every time you open the app, and watching 30-second ads every few minutes, then this would be a great app for you!

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A lot of wonderful disney content


Organizationkind of goofy :)
Extremly buggy

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