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Dragalia Lost

Where you a Sega, Sony or Nintendo Fan as a kid? I started with a Sega Mega Drive and absolutely loved the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I can’t wait for the new movie. I quickly advanced to Sony PlayStation afterwards. Even though I always liked the Mario Games from Nintendo, I haven’t had the chance to try a lot of the classic Nintendo games. How convenient that Nintendo won’t stop producing fascinating games - even for your mobile.

A problem with RPG games is that they move too quick, they max out their player abilities so fast you don't really have time to enjoy the game. The download of Dragalia Lost is different in that it tries to involve the player as much as possible. This is important when it comes to RPG games because they are so involved, and the longer a player plays, the more connected they feel to the game and characters.

The Game

Dragalia focuses on the bonds built between humans and dragons. That is to say, a dragon is not the main character, but the main character can become a dragon. The gameplay in Dragalia is ferocious and intense, shining with amazing and beautiful graphics. The difference between Dragalia and other RPG's is that Dragalia is a social RPG. This means it is not as competitive as other RPG's but the action never stops.

The Story

With RPG's, the backstory makes the game more interesting which makes it a better game to play. A flaw with a lot of RPG's is the consistent story line; they are very much the same. Dragalia has a different story line that is in very in-depth and makes it all the more fun to play. It's like playing a real story line on your mobile device. There is a ton of customization options you can play on this as well, making it personal and even more intriguing. The game is remarkably well-executed in every link it shares with the story. Prepare to enter the world of fantasy and adventure; you won't regret the choice at all.

The Graphics

Dragalia has some amazing graphics. The artistry is intensely beautiful with incredible drawing and color schemes. A game with good graphics is, in my opinion, more fun to play because you feel like you are actually in the game when playing it. Some games don't try to have good graphics and it's evident in how they play. However, the games that really try to push the graphic envelope are evident because they are trying to make a great experience for the player. While some games don't need to have great graphics, RPG's most certainly do. You are playing a story that can be found in a book, and the story comes alive with great graphics.


Dragalia is a fantastic RPG game full of adventure and endless strong game play. The story is remarkably interesting and provides even more fun and interaction. The best part of Dragalia is how it pulls you in and keeps you there, wanting more. It's a game one can get easily immersed in because the story is enthralling and attractive. The graphics are beautiful with a great color scheme. Nintendo has created a wonderful game with Dragalia and I hope we see other games in this same vein. Nintendo creating mobile games that are just as amazing as their console games is a great thing for the mobile gaming community.

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