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My first computer was so big. I didn’t have an office back then and it took up so much room in my living space. Even laptops and supplies still take up space. The printer, equipment, cables, external drives and of course the hard drives. I just have too many of them. That’s why I try to outsource more and more data in reliable and secure cloud storage services. But which one is the best? Could Dropbox be the one? Check it out.

The gig economy is changing the way that people pursue their dreams, and technology is a big part of that. Because a lot of people are starting to work from home or on-the-go, technology is necessary at times to keep everything organized.

Even though there are tons of apps in the play store to help keep our busy lives organized, at some point, it becomes challenging to manage all of the different programs and services that hold your important files and documents.

Dropbox promises to eliminate the busy work of sorting through all of the different applications that store your files by keeping everything stored in one location. The app also promises simple collaboration between friends and colleagues by allowing permission to send files to people who have not downloaded Dropbox. If these features sound appealing to you, then stick around so I can share my experience with you.

Collaboration Difficulties

Even though the description of the app says that you can send files and documents to people who do not have the Dropbox app installed, I had the hardest time trying to get anything to send to another person through the app. The only times I found success transferring files to another user was when they also had Dropbox installed on their device.

Not being able to truly collaborate with all of my peers seamlessly really put a damper on what I could actually do with Dropbox. Unfortunately, for me, this misrepresentation of the collaboration one is supposed to experience when using the app completely negated my purpose for downloading Dropbox in the first place.

Limited Usage

Nowadays, everyone has multiple mobile devices that serve different functions in their lives. You might have a personal cellphone, a designated work phone, a tablet or a smartwatch; no matter what the case, you would think that most developers would allow you to use their app across many unique devices, right?

Unfortunately, my hopes of seamlessly collaborating with my peers across all of my devices were quickly dashed when I realized I could only link up to three devices with my Dropbox account.

By limiting their users to three devices and restricting collaboration so that you can only send files to other Dropbox users, I feel as though the developers are missing the true potential this app could reach.

Buggy Updates

As if the limitations weren't frustrating enough, I learned all too soon that Dropbox has an issue with updating as well. After some updates, you might notice that you can't sign in to the app because you are supposedly signed in to too many devices.

Unfortunately, when this bug occurs, there is no way to unlink the devices as most of the time they are ghost devices that are glitched into your app. There have been several other occasions that Dropbox has completed froze up on me and prevents me from accessing any of the files I need.

I wouldn't mind it so much if the app had a few bugs here and there, what app doesn't from time to time. However, when the bugs are restricting me from my own content that should be accessible to me at all times, that's where I draw the line.

Dropbox carries a lot of potential, but until the developers put in some much-needed work, that's as far as the app goes for me; potential. I suppose if you are in a bind and you know for a fact that the peers you need to work with use Dropbox, then you'll probably have a more seamless experience. However, if you're unsure what your colleagues are using, I would ask around before committing to Dropbox.

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Advanced Cloud Storage


Only link 3 devices in basic mode
Some updates are buggy

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