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A professional drum machine for your mobile.

Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats

I always wanted to play in a band. You too? I just don’t know which instrument would have been good and suitable for me. I’m a terrible singer. I sound like a roaring cat or a elephant with a cold. And I have really bad timing, so drums or guitar would have been very difficult for me as well. I guess the only thing I would have been good at would be something easy like the tambourine. Maybe music apps might be the solution to my lack of musical skills.

Making music is not something that everyone can afford or complete as talentedly as some, but with apps like Drum Pad Machine, it becomes a lot easier!

If you have the ear for creating great beats, but don't have the funds to get the equipment you need to make it happen, then head to the app store and download Drum Pad Machine to start creating hits on your own!

Drum Pad Machine gives music lovers the freedom to play with the arrangement of songs they already love from established artists or create their own music with the available sound packs on the app. No matter what level of music producer you are, the features available on Drum Pad Machine are sure to impress!

Turn Your Device Into A Drum Machine And Beat Mixer

Instruments in which to produce music are not cheap and take some level of skill to master. However, when you download Drum Pad Machine, you are getting nearly everything you need to make great music without having to spend any money if you don't want.

There are several different modes in which to create awesome sounds with, and you can navigate all of them through your tablet or another smart device. You'll want something with a decently sized screen as some of the modes can become rather extensive with their features, so a tablet is more appropriate for the Drum Pad Machine.

Multi-Touch Capable

One of the most frustrating things with mobile apps that require you to touch your screen to navigate them, which let's face, is all of them now, is when you are trying to select two features but can only use one at a time.

Although this is not a very common problem amongst mobile app users, it is a situation that can put a damper on certain mobile circumstances.

With Drum Pad Machine, you can select multiple boxes at once to create unique sounds. Because you can use more than one sound at a time, you can honestly get the whole music production experience when you install Drum Pad Machine.

Remix Your Favorite Music

Many people aspire to create their own music for the world, but others just want to remix favorite songs they believe could be improved upon. If you have a favorite song you know will sound great if you could only get your hands on a mixer, then you are missing out if you don't already have Drum Pad Machine.

It's easy to take familiar songs and turn them into unique remixes through the various options available through the app. If you are ready to see if you have what it takes to make music, then head to the app store to get Drum Pad Machine!

Drum Pad Machine is the perfect app for anyone who aspires to improve their skills in arranging music or producing beats for their own songs. As with many apps, Drum Pad Machine is not perfect and contains a good deal of ads for other apps and services.

Although there are few bugs to be found in Drum Pad Machine, the creators do their part to ensure the app stays up to date and bug-free!

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A complete drum machine & music studio


Occasional bugs

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