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Have you ever wondered how the bad guys feel? In all of the Movies, the Books and Stories it’s pretty obvious - there are good guys - the heroes and bad guys - the villains. But who decides that? Maybe if you shift the perspective it’s not all that easy. Maybe the bad guys have a reason to behave that way or the good guys do really bad things in secret. Dungeon Maker is on mission to show us a little more of the dark side of a Villain.

I've always wondered what it might be like to create my own game or see what it's like to develop an entire dungeon filled to the brim with monsters and treasure galore! However, I don't have a lot of time to sit in front of a PC or gaming console, so I was hoping to find something in the play store that would give me a shortened version of the experience.

When I initially found Dungeon Maker I was so excited to see all the amazing options the developers laid out in the description. Tons of monsters to choose from, various weapons and spells to use, and many other features I thought would make for a great game.

Strange Layout

When I downloaded Dungeon Maker, I expected to see what any gamer would when hearing the word dungeon. I thought the atmosphere of the game would be on the darker side, with intricate levels to map out and strategize battles on.

What I actually found was something entirely different, and in my opinion, a bit strange. Instead of a dungeon that you run through with companions to track down enemies, it's almost as though you are placing all of your items, characters, and bosses on a piece of paper in the game.

Each page is blocked off with squares where you can place monsters to attack, structures, and other items found in the game. The actual avatar you play as appears as a pixelated figure that almost resembles a paper doll.

Messy Animation

Though I thought the layout of the dungeons was a bit strange because you are just standing in one spot, I thought I'd continue and see what actually happened when the battle began.

Because you're basically mapping out a dungeon on a piece of paper, there really isn't much room for an animation to take place. I was very disappointed with the overall dungeon experience with Dungeon Maker because as your battles are going on there are so many animations and graphics going off at once that it becomes nearly impossible to see what's going on.

Greedy Developer

You really never can tell if a developer is asking for money because of greed or for legitimate reasons. The initial fee to purchase the game was fairly reasonable, so I didn't think twice when I downloaded Dungeon Maker. However, soon after an update was made to the game, the developers were asking for more money for the content added to the game, which I felt was unfair.

I understand paying for extra content for a PC or console game, but when a mobile app is updated with new content or bug fixes, I don't understand why you would have to pay more money.

Another significant issue I had with Dungeon Maker was the near constant rate of crashes I had to endure. There were multiple times I had to completely start over because the game wouldn't load properly or stay connected. I find it strange that a game which requires no internet connection would experience so many issues.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this game if you are looking for a true dungeon runner experience. I suggest saving your money for a sandbox game that will actually allow you to create levels or dungeons the way they are meant to be run.

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