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Dungeon princess is an extraordinary rpg action game

Dungeon Princess

There are a lot of innovative dungeon games out there. There is something to exploring dark dungeons, interacting with other players all around the world and to master complicated and tricky quests that will lead you to the darkest corners of the labyrinth like dungeons. This game will make you explore its dungeons while it’s giving female players the privilege of crowning them as a princess.

I remember as a young child I wrote a very passionate "Dear Nintendo," letter complaining about the lack of female representation in the various games I played with my brothers. It seemed as though all the girls in the games we played were damsels in distress or in some way helpless without the help of a male protagonist. Although this has changed drastically over the past decades with the growth of the gaming community, I was still pleasantly surprised to see a title like Dungeon Princess in the Google play store.

Even as an adult it's always refreshing to see equal representation, but there was something different about this game. When I downloaded Dungeon Princess, I expected something very different than what I got.

Minimal Foes, Extensive Gear

One of the things I just couldn't wrap my head around while playing Dungeon Princess is why there were only 18 or so monsters and bosses in the game, but a plethora of items for each Princess to obtain.

Every single character in the game is a female aside from Ism, a "genius gamer" who aims to make his sister Nadie the Dungeon Princess over them all. The point of the game is to enter each dungeon with several other female characters who will all help to take down the foes in your path.

Pixel Heavy Graphics

Another feature I found to be interesting and infuriating all at the same time were the 2D, sometimes extremely pixelated graphics. As you play more in-depth into the game, you'll have hundreds of items to choose from. The only problem is, the thumbnails are so small for each graphic that you can hardly tell what the image is supposed to be.

Luckily the animation smooths out slightly while in gameplay, but the animation and graphics leave something to be desired in Dungeon Princess. The female characters in the game are animated to stand in strange, awkward, anime-girl poses, which can be quite irritating when you're trying to play a fighting game.

Usually, I wouldn't care about the stance of a hero, but it seems as though the characters are positioned sloppily so that you can see each female face on, which is strange, to say the least.

Misses The Mark On Empowerment

When you read the description of Dungeon Princess, it seems as though the developers were trying to create a game that showed women can be just as strong as men when delving deep into dungeons to concur their enemies.

However, when you download Dungeon Princess and start to play the game, it starts to feel like an anime girl fashion show. You can absolutely tell that this title was created by a man, for men, because the main focus is clearly on the attractiveness of the characters you get to play.

One of the things I find so confusing about this game is why there have to be so many females on the screen that I can barely see the background or comprehend who is casting what spell or completing what action.

The one redeeming factor I found with Dungeon Princess is that the developer and creator of the game are highly responsive to comments and questions about the game, so it is likely that all of its issues may be corrected in the future.

However, if you are looking for a great game with lots of epic battle sequences played out by strong, independent females, then you might want to keep looking because even the audio tracks for the characters makes them sound weak and helpless.

Because of the lack of story and decent graphics, I wouldn't spend the money to repurchase this game.

Dungeon Princess Pros & Cons


A fighting game with female heroes
Interesting concept


Sound is improvable
Pixel look makes it hard to identify icons
Hard to play on a small screen

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