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The story of your life.

Episode - Choose Your Story

Did you ever wonder how your life would be if you had made other choices? I guess there aren’t a lot of people that haven’t thought about that. If you like stories and choices you might like Episode - Choose your story. You can customize and edit your characters appearance, his or her clothing and experience different stories with them, where you have the choice what will happen.

I remember watching soap operas with my mother on sick days from school when I was a kid, but I never understood why someone would want to live such a dramatic life! Nowadays it seems that everyone feeds off of the drama and scandalous happenings of everyday life. So much so that there are games in the app and play stores now that let you live the life of a soap opera star or another dramatic character.

I had been seeing a lot of fuss about an app that lets you make decisions that affect the way a story plays out, so I headed to the play store to download the Episode App to see what it was all about.

Play As Favorite Dramatic TV Characters

I used to love watching Pretty Little Liars back when it first came out, so I was initially excited to see that I could choose to play as my favorite characters from the show.

Basically, if you watch any teenage dramas, soap operas or similarly styled stories, then you will have the opportunity to play out some of those stories on your own terms if you download the Episode App.

See What The Other Side Is Like

I suppose one of the intriguing aspects of the Episode App is that you get to pretend to be someone and something you are not for a short time. Halloween was my favorite holiday when I was a kid for this very reason. I didn't have to worry about being awkward, clumsy me because that was the one day I got to be someone else. The Episode App has a very similar feel in that you get to choose how you think a character should react in a situation or what they should say in response in an argument.

Not A Good App For Developing Minds

I suppose this would be an entertaining app for young ladies in college or men who have an affinity for all things dramatic, but it's not a very good example of how you should behave.

Most of the stories and situations you find yourself in on the Episode App are highly inappropriate for kids and even teenagers. The app features a lot of adult choices with the various situations it puts your character in. For example, if you have a teenage daughter who plays the game, consider that it may be asking her to decide whether she wants her character to crawl through the bedroom window of a boy for a hot makeout session or whether she should do something else.

I don't know about anyone else, but this doesn't sound like the kind of content I want my kids playing when they are in their own little worlds on their phone.

The Episode App is definitely best enjoyed by mature gamers who clearly understand the concept of right and wrong and have a clear set of moral values in place. I myself would not recommend a game like this to many people unless of course you enjoy dramatic stories and want to play a game that makes you feel as though you are playing out a soap opera story.

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