Era of Celestials

Unleash the Elysian in you

Era of Celestials

Fight for the kingdom in epic battles and visually intriguing landscapes. Era of Celestials is an exciting genre mix that gives you compelling story telling, fantastic characters and a brand new and unique combat system that will blow your mind. Level up your heroe in fights against powerful opponents and finally transform your character into a celestial Elysian that will be invincible.

If there's one thing I love about technology it's that gaming graphics have transformed from mere 8-bit pixelated animations to fully fledged 3D universes on the small screen of a cell phone or tablet.

I find myself always looking for the next best thing in mobile gaming; what are developers doing with graphics, how is the gameplay different, what are other people saying about the game?

Recently, I stumbled across Era of Celestials and was blown away with the level of detail and care the developers clearly took to create an immersive mobile experience. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the game to decide whether or not you want to download Era of Celestials for yourself.

Eye-Catching Animation

I have played countless RPG games in my time, but I had never found a mobile game that offered graphics that looked as though they were intended for a PC until I found Era of Celestials.

Each time your party runs through an environment and engages in battle with new foes you will be impressed by the level of realism and quality in the graphics.

My only complaint when it comes to the visual aspect of the game is that at times there are so many spell effects, health bars, and character names in the way that it's hard to figure out what's actually going on.

Quick Fixes

I always feel discouraged when I find a mobile game that I really like, but the development team doesn't seem to respond to issues or fix any glitches that may be reported.

I was pleased to find that any bugs or glitches found in the Era of Celestials are quickly followed by a hotfix or patch to correct the issues players are having. Not only does this give me confidence in the lifespan of the game, but I also feel better about spending money in the in-game store if I feel like treating myself to a special boost or exclusive item.

Pay To Play

Even though you don't have to pay the developers to download Era of Celestials, you may find yourself spending more money in the game than you ever intended.

Just because a game comes with a $0 price tag doesn't mean that you'll never have to spend money in the game. Unfortunately, there are a lot of events that take place in Era of Celestials that require players to have specific items or characters that can only be obtained by putting real money into the game.

Although it's nice to have the option to spend a few dollars here and there if you want to, I don't think it should ever be a requirement for players to put their personal money into a game for something that offers no value to them.

Overall, Era of Celestials is a solid RPG adventure that offers plenty of playability and immersion for players who are looking to spend some real time on the game.

You will probably find the game more enjoyable if you spend a few dollars in the in-game store, but hopefully, with enough time, the developers will make it so that everything in the game will be attainable through hard work and dedicated gameplay.

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