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ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

ES File Explorer/ Manager Pro gives you the possibility to manage all your files and data on your mobile device. Access photos, music, data and files through the explorer and work with them. Edit and export files, send them to colleagues or friends via email or upload them to the cloud. Access Zip and Rar files and unleash the full potential of your phone and it’s storage.

As someone that doesn't work a conventional job, I tend to do a lot of traveling for my work, which means tons of different files across all of my devices. There have been far too many times that I have desperately needed a file that I accidentally left at home on my laptop and was unable to retrieve it as soon as I would have liked.

Ever since I decided to download ES File Explorer App onto my phone, I can easily manage all of my files no matter where I am or how far away my devices are.

Manage All Devices

I truly didn't expect Es File Explorer App to work as well as it did, but everything seemed to connect seamlessly and allowed me to find all of the files I needed without any grief at all.

Whether you want to pull up that photo album on your computer, retrieve the downloaded movie off of the kid's tablet, or work on the thesis you started for class, you can do so by selecting the kind of files you want to search for.

I love that I can move files from one device to another without having them in front of me. Now, I can rest at ease knowing that next time I fly out of the state I won't have to scramble to figure out how to get my work to me.

Preview Compressed Files

There are some occasions where it is necessary to compress files, but that makes it rather frustrating to find where you put a specific document later on.

I've always hoped that someone would come up with a way to simplify the process of unzipping files and locating specific documents, and now my wish has come true! Now that I've downloaded ES File Explorer App, I can easily click on a compressed folder to preview all the files inside.

I don't know about you, but this feature alone was enough to sell me on the app.

Encrypt Files

Because the app is meant to manage all of your files from one location, you may want to consider protecting some of your files from sensitive eyes. Particularly, if you have children at home and don't want them to open certain files, whether they be financial documents you don't want them to accidentally delete or ruin or a movie you'd rather they didn't watch, you can safely encrypt any of your files through the ES File Explorer App so that they can only be opened by your password and username.

Another reason it might be a good idea to encrypt the files you save on your devices is if you work in a competitive environment where you must protect your work.

The ES File Explorer App has streamlined my business in ways I never thought possible. Now, instead of lugging all of my devices with me across the country, I can access everything I need with just a few taps of my phone screen.

If you have a ton of files that you struggle to keep organized, then I recommend using the ES File Explorer system to make the process a little bit easier for you!

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Easy file management
Good interface
Compability with most file typs


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