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Evoland 2

Evoland was a masterpiece because it combined different genres like action, adventure and rpg into a seamless new gaming experience that took you into another world. So the new Evoland game has to step into the mighty shoes of its predecessor. Do they fit? Before its release for mobile platforms Evoland 2 was released for pc and introduced a stunning story that will take the player through a journey of different game styles and genres.

Some of my favorite games to play as a kid were the 2D adventure games like The Legend Of Zelda or The Super Mario Bros. franchise. However, once technology and animation caught up in the gaming world, we started to see some incredible graphics across multiple platforms.

You wouldn't think that one game would include just about every other game element within its story, but Evoland 2 delivers everything I could ever ask for and even more.

When you purchase and download Evoland 2, it is like you'll be buying multiple games at once for one low fee, because you will feel as though you have!

Tons Of Easter Eggs

Gamers from all walks of life will appreciate the seemingly endless nods to titles from the past. Not so hidden in the game are many scenarios which might end up looking familiar to you.

You may have to grab a sword and run through a forest of foes attempting to rescue a damsel in distress, or you might be racing through a dark dungeon with strange yellow blocks that produce coins when you hit your head on them from beneath.

Even the mini-games laid out in Evoland 2 pay homage to some of the most popular games of all time. So, if you are one that loves all kinds of games, from puzzles, adventure RPGs, to card games and battling enemies, then you must download Evoland 2 to start playing!

Shifting Graphics

My favorite part about playing Evoland 2 is that you never get bored with the graphics or gameplay. I'm not sure how the developers get away with creating so much content while charging so little for such an extensive game, but my wallet sure does appreciate it!

When you start playing Evoland 2, you'll notice that your character and environment are all in the fashion of 2D adventurers like Link or Mario. However, after a while, you'll see that your game merges into a stunning 3D game with graphics worthy of any console.

Once you've completed specific quests and tasks, you'll be shifted back into a 2D form to continue on with your story.

Endless Hours Of Playtime

Though you wouldn't think a mobile game would have as much playability as a PC or console title, you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that Evoland 2 is chock full with 20 hours of fully fleshed out content.

So, not only does the game give you plenty of nostalgia to keep you interested, various side games to play, and stunning graphics, but Evoland 2 is also apparently a game that was built to be enjoyedd for a long while.

This is the game you've been searching for if you find yourself getting bored with other games too quickly. There is enough content in Evoland 2 to keep even the pickiest of gamers entertained for hours on end.

The developers at Playdigious have outdone themselves with this fantastic game. If you are more comfortable playing console games, for example, you could always grab your favorite Bluetooth gaming controller to sink to the game for an even more enjoyable playing experience. Evoland 2 has so much to offer that there isn't much I could say against the app; however, with that said, it does not come without its flaws.

You might find that random quests will bug out leaving you unable to complete them or progress, but again, this is extremely rare and should by no means stop you from trying out the game. The only caution I could offer with trying Evoland 2 is that you must pay to download the game.

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Fantastic Gameplay
Intriguing Genre mix


Some very difficult quests

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