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The Kickstarter Sensation with an exploding twist

Exploding Kittens® - Official

Kickstarter has brought us a lot of fantastic games already. I'm having Broken Age in mind, the sensational click and point adventure game from Tim Schafer. There was only one other game receiving more funds on the online Kickstarter campaign and that was Exploding Kittens. A fun virtual version of russian roulette turned into a card game. You don't want to get the Exploding Kitten and have to avoid it at any cause.

I absolutely love cats, so when I heard there was a card game called Exploding Kittens at our last family gathering, I was so excited to play! In the typical reunion fashion, we all gathered around this unique game for an evening of hilarity and quality time!

This is seriously one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, and I'm so excited that I can get it for my phone too! I wasn't exactly sure what the game was going to be like when I downloaded Exploding Kittens, but I am so happy with the product I received!

Invite The Family To Play

My family loves to get together and play games that make us laugh and create ridiculous scenarios with funny cards. Exploding Kittens gives us all of that and so much more, but unfortunately, as we've all grown older and formed our own lives and families, it's not always so easy to come together and have a game night.

When you play Exploding Kittens, you have the option to either play a solo match, a match containing 2-5 players with strangers, or a 2-5 player match with family and friends whom you invited.

Hilarious Cards

My favorite part about Exploding Kittens are the funny cards in the various decks throughout the game. Luckily, in the mobile version of Exploding Kittens, they have included several brand new decks that you won't find in the physical card game.

This is genius to me, because if you are a real fan of the game, then you would naturally want to collect as many cards as you could. So, to honestly have all of the cards in the Exploding Kittens franchise, you would need to purchase the mobile version of the game as well. Clever, very clever indeed, Exploding Kittens!

Some Missing Elements & Some New

There are a ton of great things about the mobile version of the game, but when you download Exploding Kittens, don't expect to have every aspect of the traditional gameplay.

For example, when you play the physical copy of the game, you can stack specific combinations of cards and demand that an opponent give you cards from their deck.

It's not the most significant issue in the world, but it's worth mentioning that the competitive edge of the game is tarnished with this omission.

Some good news comes with the bad, however, and Exploding Kittens have added a few features to the end of the match that they apparently couldn't include in the physical game. You'll get to see how many exploding cats are left standing, how many players were in on the match, and many other stats at the end of each stage.

Exploding Kittens has quickly become a family favorite, and it's always included in our game nights when we can manage to get together. If you're looking for a hilarious game that will keep your family laughing and having a good time together, then you have to purchase Exploding Kittens!

As spot on as this version of the game is, it just doesn't pass with flying colors. I found in several of the matches I played with friends that many of the cards which are supposed to perform specific actions do not follow what they are supposed to.

Some cards that are to deal one or two new cards from the deck might throw several out at you instead. Little things like this are enough to make a match irritating, but not quite enough to ruin such a fun and belly-laugh-inducing game. As long as you have an open sense of humor, you're sure to enjoy Exploding Kittens.

Exploding Kittens® - Official Pros & Cons


A great mobile version of the Kickstarter game
Additional features for the mobile version
It's just hilarious


Occasional irritating card combinations

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